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Digital Document Management System Development Using SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 [Case Study]

19 Apr 2024

In today’s digital world, a dependable Document Management System (DMS) is crucial for any organization to steer the vast amount of information effectively. Legacy DMS solutions often struggle to meet the modern demands of information management. These outdated systems commonly face challenges such as limited scalability, poor integration with other business applications, and difficulty ensuring secure and compliant data storage.

Organizations across the globe are adopting cloud-based document management systems to address these pressing issues, such as Microsoft SharePoint. It offers a robust and flexible platform for seamless document management, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. This modern and feature-rich platform provides incredible benefits such as improved accessibility, enhanced security, and streamlined workflows to your organization.

Discover how Rishabh Software helped a US-based housing services provider company in Digital Document Management System Development using Microsoft 365 tailored to the organization’s unique needs.

Project Overview

A US-based housing services provider with a wide presence across the region sought help to host their document archive and digital file management system within the Microsoft ecosystem for the future centralized office. Rishabh Software helped develop & implement a Digital Document Management System using Microsoft 365.


  • Outdated intranet architecture and content migration.
  • Not able to apply comprehensive compliance and governance across the DFMS hub.
  • Needed to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities across DMS
  • Inability to integrate with external systems.
  • Struggled to create & manage site-specific metadata for every site within the DFMS hub.


We helped deploy SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365-based Digital Document Management System that serves as the single source of truth for all departmental and sub-departmental portals.

Listed are the broad scope of our project.

Cloud based document management system dashboard
  • Implementing Digital Document Management System using Microsoft 365 offered a streamlined solution for efficient document organization, collaboration, and accessibility. Further, this implementation ensured data security and aligned with modern workplace demands for the client. With seamless document storage, collaboration, and version control, the DFMS offers workflow and secure data management across diverse organizational settings.
  • Migration of documents from siloed drive to SharePoint Online sites helped enhance collaboration, accessibility, and security. It offered a seamless transition while enabling improved workflow integration and version control, positively impacting organizational efficiency and data governance. Further, we helped migrate property photos from the existing network drive location. This showcased how SharePoint is a catalyst for a streamlined cloud-based document management system.
  • User/Staff Training on the Digital Document Management System helped the team understand the system’s functionality, reduce errors, and optimize workflows.
  • During the migration process, we utilized Microsoft Purview to ensure unified data governance and compliance. This allowed us to maintain consistent data classification, security, and regulatory adherence as we migrated data to SharePoint.


  • 36% Improvement in Incident Response Time
  • 43% Efficient document and record management
  • 70% Reduction in Physical Storage
  • 52% Improvement in Security Posture

Customer Profile

A Leading US-based housing services provider with a wide presence across the region.

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Power Automate, Microsoft Purview

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