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Online Incident Reporting System Development for Railway Safety Operations Company [Case Study]

25 Apr 2024

In today’s complex business environment, efficient incident reporting is crucial for various industries, particularly those focusing on safety and compliance. This is ideal for sectors like railway operations, where quick and efficient incident reporting plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and reliable rail network.

Numerous enterprises still utilize manual, paper-based incident reporting systems, which can prove sluggish, error-prone, and challenging to oversee. Addressing these hurdles, modern digital incident reporting applications can streamline and simplify the reporting process, centralize data management, enhance risk mitigation capabilities, and boost overall operational efficiency.

Explore how Rishabh Software assisted a Canada-based rail safety operations company in incident reporting application development using Power Platform to help the organization enhance safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Project Overview

Our client – a Canada-based rail safety operations company, wanted to streamline and modernize the process of registering accidents or incidents related to railway operations. They were in pursuit of a technology partner to develop their dedicated web application. It would allow users to efficiently input and manage details related to occurrences of railway incidents, enhancing the overall incident reporting process. Rishabh’s team helped develop an intuitive and user-centric digital incident reporting web application aligned with the client’s requirements.


  • Inefficient and error-prone manual incident recording process
  • Outdated methods for incident data management, hindering analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Time-consuming and manual procedures for storing, organizing, and retrieving incident details and documentation


After recognizing the need to enhance the incident occurrence reporting system to ensure safe railway operations and streamline communication, our team recommended utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform suite. It helped resolve the hassle of incident data entry and provided easy access to information. It allows users to Add/Edit/View all occurrences through the application. The Power Platform solution comprised three key components: Power Apps for form-based incident reporting, Power Automate for workflow automation, and Power BI for real-time analytics and reporting.

Key components of the solution included.

Power Apps for Incident Reporting

  • User-friendly forms were created to capture detailed incident information, including date, time, location, nature of the incident, and involved individuals.
  • The web application was designed to be accessible from mobile devices, enabling employees to report real-time incidents and enhancing data accuracy.
Module for reporting an occurrence

Power Automate for Workflow Automation

  • Automated workflows were established to route incident reports to the relevant departments for immediate action.
  • Notifications were set up to inform stakeholders about the incident, ensuring a prompt response.

Power BI for Analytics and Reporting

  • Dashboards and reports were created to provide real-time insights into incident trends, helping management make informed decisions.
  • Power BI’s capabilities allowed for drill-down analysis, enabling a deep dive into specific incidents and identifying recurring issues.
Online incident reporting application dashboard


  • 36% Improvement in Incident Response Time
  • 44% Enhanced Data Accuracy
  • 76% Increase in Scalability and Flexibility

Customer Profile

A Canada-based rail safety operations company

Technologies Used

Power Apps (Canvas App), SharePoint Online, Dataverse, Power Automate, Power BI

Simplify Incident Management with Power Platform

Streamline incident reporting, boost efficiency & mitigate risks with Rishabh Software’s Power Platform expertise.