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Legacy Software Modernization for Courts and Justice Department [Case Study]

20 Dec 2021

The courthouses in the recent past were shuttered by the COVID-19 outbreak with civil legal systems quickly adopting technologies that support a faster response. Though, even before the pandemic, digital tools held the promise for a legal system that would allow users to assert their rights and resolve disputes. It would enable millions of Americans to access the courts and resolve legal issues in real-time. But like any transformative change, this effort is not without its challenges. And, modernizing legacy software applications requires an agile & proven method to ensure that you extract critical data from the existing system while reaping the rewards of a newer system.

Learn how Rishabh Software helped a North-American court and justice agency with legacy software modernization to enhance the overall efficiency of the court processes.

Project Overview

The client was on the lookout for an experienced Microsoft technology partner who could provide performance optimization assistance. This is while meeting the changing demands of customers, management & stakeholders.

The legacy software modernization essentially addressed;

  • Migration & modernization of front-end experience
  • Automated configuration for case management


  • Performance issues with inefficient & unstable modules
  • Issues in compliance with regulations
  • Lack of Silverlight technology support
  • Manual & time-consuming processes


As part of the engagement, the existing system needed a complete overhaul for case organization, time tracking, document management, calendaring, and billing. The manual configuration of case management needed automation of tasks that would enable court clerks to operate efficiently. The modernization of the legacy courts and justice software solution helped streamline case categories, court hearing schedules, case & document types & more. Further, it involved the migration of the existing database to MS SQL in-line with compliance requirements.

Courts & Justice Software Edit Case Module
Courts & Justice Software Configuration Facility Codes Library

Our team helped migrate Silverlight to Angular to enhance application performance that would ensure an engaging user experience.

Listed below are the core initiatives:

  • Automated configuration that would help court clerks work efficiently
  • Customized features for small county courts & state-wide implementations
  • User-friendly interface with optimized performance across devices


  • 80% increase in staff’s operational efficiency
  • Single source dashboard to track documents online
  • Zero manual processes

Customer Profile

A US-based software company serving courts and justice agencies


Angular, .NET Core, PostgreSQL and MS SQL

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