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Personalized Alarm Clock App Development [Case Study]

05 Mar 2021

Let’s face it: Nobody likes to wake up to the tune of a buzzing alarm that messes with your sleep. But then again, the rumble of your boss for showing up late at work is even worse. While a warning is necessary and unavoidable, it needs to be versatile enough to break the snooze addiction.

For an Australia-based tech start-up, this common universal pain point presented an opportunity to innovate! Learn how we helped them develop a smart wake up alarm app with brilliant features that let users set-straight their wake-up experience.

Project Overview

Our client was on the lookout for a trusted & experienced technology partner to execute its custom alarm clock app development idea. The aim was to build a smart app that offers personalization with alarm for effective management of sleep hours. Also, the app would support the mental well-being of the end-user by boosting their motivation.

Rishabh Software helped develop a smart alarm application with innovative features to set, send and receive personalized recordings as alarms. The core focus of the wake-up app development process was to create a solution that allows users to manage sleep time effectively and stay productive in a hassle-free manner.


  • No personalized mechanism to help people start their day on a happy note
  • A tool to break the mundane routine and motivate professionals working in shifts, especially away from family
  • An effective pocket therapy for coping better with daily stressors
  • Lack of practical solution to deal with sadness & transition into a productive day


Our team took a tailored approach for the wake me up alarm app development project. Combining our expertise in developing mobile applications with a smart algorithm, an engaging interface was developed. It was kept bright, cheerful and fun with intuitive navigation. With market research and competitive analysis, we developed an engaging app with the following set of key features:

Custom Alarm

  • Tailor set the alarm by playing personal voice recordings
  • Upload photos with a wakeup call for mood upliftment & bring in joy
  • Set, save & delete multiple notifications for important dates/events
  • Save custom tones as personal & professional reminders
Wake Me Up Alarm App with Customized Set Alarm Profile
Custom Alarm Clock Mobile App with Send Alarm & Contact Group

Personalized Message Sharing

  • Send and receive personalized recordings as alarms
  • Remind colleagues about scheduled meetings & team dinners
  • Notify friends about upcoming happy hours & concerts
  • Create motivating alarms to stop hitting the snooze
  • Wake up to special messages from family


  • Created a seamless cross-platform like experience
  • 60% enhanced engagement with smart features like #wakeme challenge
  • Unique photo & audio sharing to offer a personal touch
  • Recording button for quick and easy use

Customer Profile

An Australia-based Technology Company


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