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Development of a B2B eCommerce Mobile App For a Bathroom Fitting Company [Case Study]

27 Jun 2024

Today’s B2B buyers, such as architects, developers, builders, and plumbers, expect the same seamless digital experience they encounter as consumers. Consequently, B2B sellers, including bath fitting companies, are striving to deliver mobile-first B2B experiences to streamline the entire buyer experience from product discovery to order placement and drive more sales.

To leverage this advantage and enhance customer experience, our client, a leading New Zealand-based bathroom fitting company, wanted to develop an intuitive B2B eCommerce mobile app. This catalog app would showcase their product range, allow end customers to place orders whenever they like, and provide customized features to streamline the end-user experience.

Let’s explore how Rishabh Software leveraged Flutter to develop an eCommerce app for a bath fittings company based in New Zealand. Our experts also helped replace the existing ABEL ERP system by migrating to the NetSuite ERP system.

Project Overview

A New Zealand-based sanitaryware company sought a development partner to build a B2B eCommerce mobile app to showcase the entire product range. The app aimed to enhance their business operations and customer experience with an intuitive interface. Due to limited flexibility and customization challenges, the client also wanted to migrate their existing ABEL third-party ERP system to a cutting-edge ERP solution.


  • Lack of a centralized solution to showcase their extensive range of products to potential B2B customers, which resulted in missed sales opportunities and loss of market share.
  • Integration challenges and complexity due to limited exposure and bandwidth with their existing ABEL third-party ERP solution, often leading to costly delays and potential data silos that impacted business decision-making.
  • Stagnated online presence and evolving consumer preferences put the client at risk of falling behind competitors in the rapidly growing B2B eCommerce marketplace.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions failed to address unique business needs, forcing inefficient workarounds and hampering growth potential.


As a Flutter app development company, our team leveraged Flutter’s strengths to develop a B2B eCommerce mobile application that allows the premium bathroomware company to showcase its entire product range of over 25,000 products in a mobile-friendly format. This catalog app empowers end customers to effortlessly browse products and access detailed information, thus enhancing customer experience.

Login Screen For Developed B2B eCommerce Mobile App

We implemented a 3rd party inventory system for dynamic pricing, enabling real-time stock reflection and automated retail and trade price adjustments for the admin, primary and secondary users.

Our expert mobile app team also helped the client recognize the need for NetSuite ERP integration by replacing the  ABEL system to bring essential modifications and crafting customized functionalities. By implementing the NetSuite ERP integration, the client can look forward to a more efficient, data-driven, and future-ready business operations that will drive long-term success and competitive advantage.

Broad Scope of Our Solution

Intuitive Data Filtering for Enhanced User Experience

Mobile App Screen Showing Different MDPE Pipes After Filteration

To improve the user experience in navigating the extensive product catalog, we implemented a robust data filtering functionality that closely resembles the familiar interface of Microsoft Excel. This user-friendly design achieved a remarkable compatibility rate of over 95%. This implementation included:

  • An intuitive interface for filter selection
  • Implementing various filter types (e.g., product categories, price ranges, specifications)
  • Creating logical operators for complex product searches
  • Ensuring real-time filter application and results display
  • Optimizing performance for filtering large datasets

This Excel-like filtering capability significantly enhances the user experience by providing intuitive and efficient product sorting options. This feature not only boosts productivity but also enhances user experience.

Streamlined Data Communication Between ERP and Mobile App

Mobile App Screen Showing Different Bath Products

We leveraged a Laravel-based Middleware system to sync data from ERP to mobile in real-time, enabling the app to showcase the products with images served directly from an S3 bucket. Additionally, we implemented a CI/CD pipeline to ensure rapid, high-quality updates. This integration enables B2B customers such as architects, developers, builders, and plumbers to access accurate product data anytime and place orders for the products they need from anywhere. This integration optimizes workflow processes by allowing users to access and manage critical information on the go.

2-Way Template Sync for Streamlined Bulk Buying

App Screen Showing Different Orders and Their Status

We offered predefined templates for bulk purchases that were made readily available to all buyers, facilitating efficient collaboration and minimizing manual effort in creating individual orders. Additionally, we implemented a two-way template synchronization between the app and the ERP system that can sync every 30 minutes. This ensures data consistency and real-time updates.

Streamlined User Management RBAC

The project established a secure user management system with role-based access control (RBAC), granting access based on user roles. This simplifies administration, enhances security, and ensures users only have the necessary permissions.


  • 35% Boost in Operational Efficiency
  • 99.9% System Uptime
  • 50% Faster Time-to-Market
  • 40% Increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • 25% Reduction in IT Costs

Customer Profile

A Renowned New Zealand-Based Sanitaryware Company


Flutter, NetSuite, Laravel

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