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Key DevOps Trends and Predictions For 2021

01 Apr 2021

DevOps as a practice enables organizations to develop and deploy software faster and more efficiently. Strong collaboration between software engineers, operations personnel, and other stakeholders helps achieve growth and success. Automating and optimizing IT processes allows developers, operations personnel, and other stakeholders in the software delivery value chain to work together.

While this technology concept has entered its second decade, the focus has moved beyond product delivery. It is no longer just about development and operations but also focuses on value delivery. It eliminates the businesses’ and customers’ constraints, focusing on delivering new features and products and adding value.

Did you know:

According to a recent report by Markets and Markets, the DevOps Market Size is expected to reach $10.31 Billion by 2023.

The write-up will help you understand the latest in DevOps to accelerate the pace of innovation, disruption, and digitalization through this article. Let’s check out the DevOps markets trends 2021 and beyond to help your business stay ahead in the modern competitive landscape without further ado.

Key DevOps Trends For 2021

DevOps Trends For 2021

The Rise of Microservices Architecture

With microservices, the fragments of units are connected independently. It enables DevOps to focus on individual companies. This ensures rapid delivery of complex applications with the Microservices architecture approach. It helps save a lot of time, effort, cost and resources while developing the system.


  • Cost-effective
  • Supports customization as per business needs
  • Easy maintenance and testing
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Easy deployment

Increase in DevSecOps Adoption

Security will continue to top of the list for businesses irrespective of their size. So, it’s no surprise that it is part of top trends and predictions. As companies are increasingly adopting cloud-based technologies, the development lifecycle will need a cloud-native security methodology that can only come from DevSecOps. Thus, businesses will take up this technology rapidly to ensure agile security measures. It offers timely detection of security vulnerabilities.


  • Rapid response to ever-changing business needs
  • Quality assurance/test automation
  • Early detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced collaboration between teams

Infrastructure Automation (IA) Tools

The next on the list of DevOp’s latest trends is IA tools. The implementation of infrastructure automation tools enables DevOps teams to design and automate delivery, configuration and overall IT infrastructure management. Companies will embrace integrations of IA tools with different pipeline components. You can experience more agility by applying Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) concepts to IT infrastructure.


  • Automated workflows to achieve accuracy and efficiency
  • Efficient resource provisioning
  • Self-service, on-demand environment creation
  • Better reliability with instant updates

Predictive Analytics in DevOps and AIOps

It plays a vital role in preventing latency from managing the ever-changing user needs. The organizations must leverage predictive analytics to build a strong focus on continuous improvement as part of DevOps service offerings. It provides deeper insight into services and resources to predict how frequently it is to be used in the future to deliver business value.


  • Production failure prevention
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Better maintenance and performance of assets
  • Quick software delivery with quality

Growth of AgileOps for Improved Agility

It combines proven agile and DevOps methodologies (both on the Infrastructure and Operations side) to boost agility. AgileOps techniques help streamline both software development and tasks in other business fields:
• Delivery of high-quality and high-performance applications
• Maximized apps stability
• Eliminate delays through cross-functional teams

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) – Next Evolutionary Steps in DevOps

The management of the volume, variety and velocity of data being generated today proves to be an uphill task for organizations with a traditional approach. AI and ML-based DevOps approach help organizations to compute and analyze data of any size and scale. It boosts workflow transformation to develop, deliver, deploy, and manage applications efficiently.


  • Improved decision-making process
  • Optimized DevOps environment
  • Shortened release time
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Quick identification and resolution of issues

Broad Scope of Cloud Management Platforms(CMPs)

Enterprises are deploying CMP for DevOps to gain higher visibility in cloud deployments. This facilitates them to control and monitor their resources in the cloud environment.


  • Costs, performance and resources optimization
  • Enhanced security
  • Provisioning and orchestration
  • Cloud migration, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Resource optimization

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What are the DevOps 2021 predictions ?

DevOps will be Business Leader’s First Choice

DevOps adoption is increasing at a tremendous rate and has become a superior choice in the market. It is expected to be a dynamic platform that helps the business succeed in the competitive market. This comprises the technology counterparts that magnify with time. Thus it allows business associates to experience digital transformation for all technologies with DevOps.

Security Trends

Cloud-native security is the most popular DevOps prediction. It is expected to reach the next level by embracing container-orchestration, serverless and other technologies. Its significant cultural shift will bring a whole new difference in the business world. Enterprises migrate to cloud technology with unique features at a higher frequency that embraces new tools and processes to ensure that these deployments are fast and safe.

Autonomous DevOps Automation will be a New Normal

DevOps is set to leverage more advanced and autonomous techniques to generate automated outputs across the production stages within the lifecycle. Robotic process automation (RPA) tools will help eliminate error-prone tasks with automation of manual tasks for enhanced productivity. It includes augmenting digital applications, automation of end-to-end user flows and codeless testing. This will enable teams to diminish their test automation time.

DevOps integration with Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations(AIOps)

Organizations will experience DevOps’s true potential by integration with AIOps. It provides a layer of automation to eliminate the human efforts with the rising multi-cloud complexities. The advantages of leveraging AIOps as part of the DevOps toolchain include providing seamless operational feedback, including root-cause analysis and data consolidation.

Technology Directed Approach

You can expect a vigorous “shift left” across all sectors. CIO’s will rely on their development teams to guide the technical direction of the company. The top-down approach to move their data to the cloud can help ensure the greatest chance of success on your digital transformation journey.

Expansion from Product Delivery to Value Delivery

DevOps will help build tight collaboration between business stakeholders, goals alignment and delivery teams. Businesses can measure the right KPIs such as consumer satisfaction, transaction rate & usage followed by continuous adaptations in technologies and processes to improve them.


DevOps will continue to be a deployment choice option in an Enterprise marketplace as the world is going digital. It is vital to set realistic goals and expectations while aligning your journey towards DevOps implementation. It will help save money to improve the product quality with a faster time to market.

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