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Why CI/CD Automation Testing is the Need of the Hour?

14 Sep 2020

Today’s companies need to bring innovation and speed in their software development life cycle to meet consumers’ growing demand. A Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) test automation approach can help here. A DevOps based testing and implementation culture helps shorten software testing duration and ensure faster delivery of quality products. Rishabh Software helps enterprises stay competitive with DevOps, CI/CD, and rigorous testing for their application or software releases.

Software testing in the DevOps’ era – a methodology that standardizes every SDLC step has evolved significantly. With a CI/CD pipeline, it brings all the functions to work together, collaboratively, without creating silos in any organization.

The DevOps and Agile software development today puts a new level of time pressure on quality assurance teams to ensure excellence at speed. It is while meeting the ever-increasing demands of next-generation customers.

It enables organizations to

  • Improve code quality
  • Increase release and delivery speed
  • Reduce IT costs

Companies utilize automation-testing capabilities in CI/CD to deliver quality software within the stipulated time. It helps detect bugs early with faster resolution to minimize the scope for manual errors.

Read on, as with this article; we highlight essentials for an efficient CI/CD pipeline. Also, how Rishabh Software helps businesses adopt modern practices to make rapid and top-quality product releases.

Role of Automated Testing in CI/CD pipeline

Testing is a critical component of all the release cycles. And, the integration of automated testing helps companies to address the challenges mentioned above and more. It allows distributed teams to get the most out of their testing efforts.

CI enables software development teams to change the code for bug fixing or address the business needs; that get tested simultaneously. On the other hand, CD allows users to get the latest versions of the software or application at earliest.

CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD pipeline’s end objective is to ensure you have a smooth, uninterrupted flow of application releases and updates. It is along with lower expenses and minimum or no risk related to development and deployment.

How Can We Help

The software testing landscape continues to evolve where organizations battle common challenges of continuous testing. Challenges related to requirements ambiguity, orchestration, scalability, complexity and more are never ending. And, with a lack of appropriate tools for optimizing the testing process and the unavailability of test environments due to parallel integration, the delivery can render a CI/CD/CT(Continuous Testing) pipeline ineffective.

As an experienced software test-consulting partner, Rishabh helps plan, test, and enable products to perform best. With rich experience in DevOps testing and implementation, we enable fostering an environment of CI/CT.

We integrate automated software testing with deployment and operations to improve code quality. With this, we accelerate application into production, improve resource efficiency and utilization, and streamline the CI/CD pipeline. We use the latest automation & DevOps tools like Jenkins, Jira, GitLab and more as per the project needs. It helps deliver top-notch user experiences while improving process efficiency.

Ready to Leverage Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline?

We follow the best practices with modern testing tools that enhance application performance and security.

Below are some of the key elements that highlight how to leverage test automation to build a successful CI/CD pipeline.

Role of Automated Testing in CI/CD Pipeline

1. Creation of QAOps:
QAOps A.K.A DevTestOps – brings together developers, QA testers and operations engineers by incorporating continuous testing with a DevOps approach. It helps increase the direct communication flow between testing engineers and development teams by integrating software testing into the CI/CD pipeline. QAOps helps examine quality across every software development aspect. Interestingly, this step ensures that software moves into the production phase within the CI/CD pipeline without delays or quality issues.

2. Early & Efficient Bug Detection:
The use of the right tools enables us to identify and fix issues in real-time. They speed up the app development & deployment while minimizing the errors that can occur due to manual testing.

3. Easier Handling of Minor Changes:
Our QA (Quality Assurance) team blends manual testing and automated testing both to assess a significant change in the software application.

When it comes to minor tweaks or upgrades, automation eliminates the tedium of manual testing. It ensures the delivery of a steady flow of updates with thorough, easy testing.

4. Faster Test Execution:
Speed is the key to the continuous delivery process. The parallel execution of automated tests generates quick results and shortens the software testing lifecycle’s overall duration. And, since QA is a shared responsibility between development and operations, we enable the creation of DevOps centric teams & environment. This helps all groups to collaborate better throughout the development cycle while discovering newer ways to automate the testing process.

5. Consistency & Agility:
We enable eradicating the quality and security anomalies on-the-go through our consistent test planning and execution approach.

Agility is another significant advantage of an effective CI/CD test automation strategy. It helps us avoid rewriting test cases for every change and address manual testing limitations using various tools, frameworks and configurations.

Use Case

One of our clients is a real-estate giant who supports customers with diverse housing needs across geographies. They needed to have a robust system in place to speed-up the application’s go-to-market.

Rishabh’s team helped achieve enterprise agility by improving the technology automation process. For continuous product delivery, we implemented an effective strategy with automated testing tools such as Jira, MTM (Microsoft Test Manager). As an end outcome, we helped the client achieve improved application speed and product delivery processes with reduced cost.

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Automated testing has become a norm in today’s software development processes covering continuous integration and delivery pipeline. However, to improve the process efficiency & effectiveness, selecting the right tools and approach is critical.

As a reliable software testing and QA services provider, Rishabh Software delivers a full-cycle continuous release & deployment framework. We help follow the new-age DevOps approach to accelerate the testing process and meet the needs of tomorrow.

Our approach ensures faster time-to-market and frequency in response to business changes. We help improve quality with constant monitoring and continuous feedback & improvement across the development lifecycle. It spans across functional, integration, security, data migration testing, and more. We ensure meeting the most stringent quality standards for developed software and applications.

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Our certified testing engineers utilize modern technology and tools to help you deliver higher quality products while reducing risks and lowering operational costs.