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Implementing Dynamics 365 For Real Estate Sales & Marketing Automation [CASE STUDY]

21 May 2019

The real estate portals of today offer more than just providing the listings. They support and enable the users to search, buy, sell, and manage the properties online. It is with a combination of enhanced user experience and service automation platform. Therefore, to make the business more customer-centric, the implementation of the right tools that offer proper business visibility is much required. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for property management solution helps streamline the business process through sales & marketing automation, customer service & project service automation with improved data security.


Read on to learn how we helped our Australian property management specialist who managed over 10000+ properties in the region with the right-fit business solution to meet their growing needs and leverage ongoing investment by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their existing system.



Our customer was using a Microsoft SharePoint based solution to track and manage the property management tasks. Since this system lacked the visibility they required, they wanted to replace it with a right-fit business solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to meet the growing real-estate needs with the primary aim of leveraging the existing investments. The new system needed automation of Dynamics 365 for sales & marketing function to improve the overall business process. To meet business objectives, streamline operations and promote growth you can even read about the integration benefits of Dynamics CRM With SharePoint.



  • Sales Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Improvement in Efficiency
  • Transparency of Data
  • Improved Reporting


Our team analyzed the customer’s current business processes and selected Dynamics 365 for property management to implement the Lead(Enquiry) Management, Customer Management, Opportunity Management. The current business process lacked real-time reporting and it required integration with the existing SharePoint solution used by the sales & marketing team.


In order to sync data in real-time between SharePoint & Dynamics CRM, data import manager was implemented to synchronize accounts, leads, contacts, opportunities, and sales orders data points. Moreover, the solution enabled easy access via a Web browser and was integrated with Microsoft Outlook. The solution also provided:

Dynamics 365 for Sales Automation

  1. Manage Contacts and accounts
  2. Improve Time Management
  3. Promote leads to opportunity
  4. Manage sales pipelines


Dynamics 365 for Marketing Automation

  1. Generate and send communications
  2. Manage workflows
  3. Create a targeted list
  4. Manage and track costs


From the security perspective, user authentication in Dynamics 365 gets managed through Active Directory to enable authenticated user accounts to access the system. Dynamics 365 CRM uses a combination of role-based and object-based security to determine what users can see and do within the application.

Business Benefits

  • Improved sales cycle by 25% with automating business process flow for Lead and Opportunity Management
  • Customized dashboard design to show real-time visibility of revenues & sales pipeline
  • Faster customer service with Mail Chimp integration
  • Reduced document processing time by 50% with data synchronization between SharePoint & Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


Additionally, do learn about how we helped a US-based, chemical research and manufacturing company (specializing in the synthesis of renewable and bio-derived materials) to streamline and optimize their sales productivity using Dynamics 365.

Industry Segment

Real Estate

Customer Profile

Australia based property management service provider, managing over 10,000 real estate properties

Technology and Tools

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft C#
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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