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Benefits Of Dynamics CRM Integration With SharePoint

12 Jan 2018

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint are widely popular and contemporary solutions with powerful features and functionalities. Many enterprises across the world have deployed these solutions to meet business objectives, streamline operations and promote growth.


But a majority of businesses are using both Dynamics CRM and SharePoint as two independent systems. The major reason behind this is that they are unaware of the capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration and its advantages for their business.


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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM SharePoint integration provides various benefits for all business sizes. It helps end users view, share and manage documents with ease, enhance employee productivity and make collaboration among sales, marketing and customer service support teams more seamless. Saving on additional licensing costs is one of the primary benefit of developing an app using SharePoint and integrating it with MS CRM, as you can store your documents and data in Dynamics CRM and view it using SharePoint platform. A variety of other Dynamics CRM-SharePoint integration benefits includes:


  1. Simplified Document Management: Many enterprises deploy SharePoint for document management. These documents contain customer contacts, accounts and other business entities that need to be tracked. Integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint can help you monitor these business entities while making document sharing, updating, and management much easier.
  2. Better Team Collaboration: The most important benefit of Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint is improved team collaboration. Every enterprise uses a robust document management system to simplify and automate their sales and marketing processes. This requires users to maintain and share numerous documents across different departments. Through CRM SharePoint integration, users can easily and quickly maintain and share the documents to enable direct and swift collaboration.
  3. Improved Data Security: The Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration allow users to view, edit, or share documents and check version history using a single platform. Users do not have to switch systems to perform these functions. It also allows non-CRM users to view the documents stored within the SharePoint platform. However, they require adequate permissions and authorization rights to access the documents stored on the SharePoint server.
  4. Quick Inter-Entity Linking: Quick linking is another beneficial feature of SharePoint and CRM integration. It allows users to link specific documents with other business entities right inside the CRM. These entities can include marketing campaigns, opportunities, quotes, sales literature, and case studies. The integration further enables users to edit, retrieve and share documents from within the Dynamics CRM software, depending on users’ document access rights.
  5. Out-of-the-Box Customization: The integration lets users transfer documents from Dynamics CRM to a public domain. This out of the box feature is essential for the customer support teams. Users can customize websites using the same platform to deliver personalized content to customers. Thereafter, the customers can be allowed to view the content by granting them access rights to specific documents or product information.
  6. Increased Customer Coverage & ROI: SharePoint is a great tool for team collaboration and data integration. This provides you with an opportunity to serve your customers better and in an effective manner. By offering customers direct access to your product and business information, you can expect an increased return on investment.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Dynamics CRM with SharePoint integration also offers one location accessibility, enhanced employee performance, improved content management, and versioning control. Rishabh Software offers extensive Dynamics CRM development, consulting, integration, and maintenance services to help global enterprises boost business efficiency and serve customers better.

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