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Elements Of Digital Transformation To Accelerate Business Growth [Infographic]

14 Mar 2019

Digital transformation is an essential component of business strategy today. It impedes business’s success today. It helps maximize productivity and enhance the customer experience. Defined as a continuous improvement process, it allows companies to streamline their business vision from a long-term perspective. It involves the evolution of existing systems including updating of the used tools and technologies.


Large companies have invested a significant amount of time and resources, followed by mid-sized companies who are on the verge of this transition. While smaller companies are yet to get in the race who often lack the listed factors along with the right information to proceed, it is, thus, vital that enterprises of all sizes redesign their value chain. It is along with redeploying their resources and reinventing their customer relationships.


Through digital transformation, organizations must change the way business is conducted. It comprises of a new business model that goes a long way in satisfying their end customer, which is the very purpose of the company.

Digital Transformation Key Components

IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, along with blockchain, quantum computing are some of the digital transformation components. According to an IDC estimate, the spending on digital transformation initiatives will exceed $2 trillion in 2019.


The infographic below highlights seven elements of digital transformation that will support you to lead the digital change.


The right approach to digital transformation allows companies to adopt new technologies that meet the ever-increasing customer expectations. Additionally, cultural transformation is also critical as part of the digital transformation process. It must align with organizational norms along with their risk-taking capability to define and deliver compelling customer experiences.


Based on these experiences, the new business models and operational processes are derived, which, in turn, drive the investments in technologies. Rishabh Software offers an innovative strategy support for enterprise digital transformation. We help define and deploy your digital projects. Our team helps businesses transform their time-to-market, and maximize new revenue opportunities. It is in line with their business strategy.

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