Understanding The Nine Key Elements of Digital Transformation [Infographic]

30 Jun. 2017 Trending

The pace at which the digital change is occurring is fast. Businesses are increasingly adopting technologies to improve performance and outreach. Since 2008, there has been a global explosion of smartphones, tablets, social media, big data, mobile and cloud computing.

Today, a consumer technology can reach a critical mass of 50 million users in less than 35 days. Enterprises across all industries are taking advantage of digital advances such as mobility, analytics, smart embedded devices, and social media while modernizing their use of conventional technologies such as ERP and CRM to improve customer relations, internal processes, and value propositions.

They are combining digital activities with their in-the-trench experiences to turn technology into transformation. However, companies experimenting with digital transformation (DX) need to transform three key areas: customer experience, operational process, and business models. Each of these key areas entails three key elements that allow an enterprise to drive successful digital transformation. In the infographic below, we have highlighted the nine elements of digital transformation that help you lead the digital change.

The Key Elements Of Digital Transformation

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