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Online Event Management System

27 Sep 2019

Event management comprises of planning and organizing events such as conferences, trade shows, award functions, and such other ceremonies. Companies across domains today utilize web-based event management systems to engage maximum attendees and achieve business-wide results.


Rishabh Software offers event management software solutions for companies of all sizes and types.


We provide tailor-made event planning applications using Laravel and other web & mobile-based technologies. Through that, we empower businesses to craft memorable experiences and run successful events in a streamlined & cost-effective manner.


Our Online Event Management System Covers Entire Event Lifecycle

We help organizations to streamline workflows before, during, and after events. Besides, it enables attendees to get real-time updates related to the event activities on the web and mobile apps.


Our developed enterprise event management solution covers:

  1. Admin Panel – Event managers can plan events, invite participants, manage registrations, monitor payments, generate reports, and do other essential activities through this panel.
  2. Attendee Panel– The event participants can register/log-in, manage profile, invite other users, cancel the registration, make payments, and manage other attendee-side activities for upcoming events through this panel.

Core Modules Of Our Online Event Management System Include:

Event Management


Admin can create and manage multiple events through this module. It comprises of the essentials components such as budget planner, checklist, analytics, and more.


  • Event Template: Admin can create custom themes based on the event objective using our pre-built templates. It is also possible to leverage previously created event pages.
  • Dashboard: It will showcase the events along with their status, number of registered participants, and other general information.
  • Tasks: Managers can assign tasks and their deadlines to the staff and monitor their performance. It ensures that there are no slippages while completing essential tasks.

Learn our approach to building an web based event management system. Explore how we helped a US-based enterprise to manage various events, engage maximum attendees, and achieve a generous ROI.

Attendee Management

A comprehensive set of tools help the event managers, staff, and attendees to manage various event-related components. Features such as calendar integration and feedback system help the end-users to stay updated on the forthcoming events and provide reviews for past events.


  • Registration: Organizers can create a smooth registration process using pre-populated registration forms. Also, attendees can even sign-up for the upcoming event as well as share the invite with other users. Additional beneficial features include ‘add to calendar’ widget, on-site registration, and more.
  • Attendee List: Admins can manage all the user profiles, while individual users can make necessary changes in their profiles. It comprises of information such as their full name, address, meal or accommodation preferences, drink choices, and more.
  • Tickets: Event admin can create & assign custom badges, QR codes, mailing labels, cards, and other types of IDs to participants of the event. Automated check-in allows attendees to check-in by themselves using their unique IDs.

Here is an excerpt of how we helped a startup company in the US through our event planning portal development services. We built a location-based event planning web app to streamline event-planning lifecycle and get the right people for their event.

Payment Management

This module helps to manage payments, vendor contacts, and other account-related activities.


  • Contact Update: Event organizers can upload bulk contacts from CSV, Excel, and other supported file types. It eliminates manual entry for vendor and other user lists.
  • Payments: Managers can set pricing for tickets, merchandise, and add payment options. Attendees can pay for tickets and other services using their preferred payment mode. Towards this, the receipts get generated automatically.
  • Tracking: Managers can check the logs of all the interactions between users. Moreover, it helps them to track total payments, billings, and other relevant activities.

Marketing Management


Our Laravel team implements all the essential tools in the system that enables the creation of proficient marketing strategies.


  • Email & SMS: Event planners can send Email & SMS invites to people. Our marketing tool helps create personalized messages and send follow-ups. It is supplemented by sending alerts, push notifications, and post-event thank you notes directly on users’ devices.
  • Social Media: Admin can integrate social media profiles to do event promotions on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Social Wall helps to display real-time social content of participants on website and mobile apps.
  • Reporting: An advanced analytics tool displays comprehensive real-time reports for engagements, visits at the place, number of registrants, marketing campaigns, and more.


Apart from this, we implement other custom elements such as multi-user access, file sharing, help center, live surveys, account branding, and more in the online event management system.

Get All-in-One Event Management Software

Our event management system helps organizations to provide an engaging attendee experience and increase ROI

Our team offered sport event mobile app development based on PHP for a digital enterprise in the US. The mobile solution helped them to increase user engagement and notify users with the upcoming events based on their interest in the sport.

Our Complete Set Of Tools For Event Planning

We provide on-premise as well as cloud-based event management solutions as per the company requirements. It can cover:

  • Web App: We use Laravel and other web-based technologies to create scalable, flexible, and adaptable event management applications.
  • Mobile App: In this mobile-first world, we offer feature-rich native and cross-platform mobile event app development for event planning that helps to engage maximum users and increase ROI.
  • App Integration: We incorporate third-party solutions such as CRM, marketing automation platform, on-site event solutions, AMS (Association Management Software), and more with the system.


An efficient event management app can automate essential event planning activities and reduce monetary loss. However, building an event planning software seeks a reliable event technology partner.


Rishabh Software designs custom online event planning system that can handle unlimited events, users, and attendees. We have the required skills in Laravel, PhoneGap, and other modern technologies to deliver top-notch solutions for the event management industry.