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Field Service Mobile App Development to Track & Improve Staff Productivity [Case Study]

27 Apr 2022

Managing a large number of staff workers is a daunting task, especially if you still have paper processes in place. A field service time app can take care of all your painstaking procedures & streamline crucial assignments, thus helping you track tasks with ease.

Learn how we helped an NZ-Based commercial cleaning services company to bring together teams, data, assets and processes to effectively manage field operations & resources to improve efficiencies while reducing costs.

Project Overview

An Auckland-based company addressing clients’ commercial cleaning needs wanted to streamline the management of jobs, inspections, audits & maintenance activities for field-based engineers and subcontractors. They were in pursuit of a technology partner with field service mobile app development experience to develop a cross-platform app for both iOS and Android, that would help fast-track & automate their operations like maintenance, inspections and jobs.

Explore how Rishabh built a multi-tenant SaaS pattern that would enable the field-based facility management workforce to easily receive, update and close jobs on the move.


  • Excel-based facility operations & asset management
  • Lack of visibility into field force activities
  • Lower employee productivity & longer sales cycle


We developed a field force tracking app that would help workers to receive, update and close jobs on the move. It offers role-based access to different personas such as cleaners, supervisors, salespersons & subcontractors to monitor, track & update tasks.

Adopting a mobile-first approach, we leveraged the Flutter cross-platform framework for a high-quality & native-like experience. Using the generic data & multi-tenant data model, the solution can be deployed on any cloud platform of choice & as per changing customer needs.

The project was executed by adopting an Agile incremental model to meet the immediate & future business needs of the client.

Field Service Time App For Field Workforce
Web-based Admin Portal To Manage Field Worker Jobs

Additionally, we developed a web-based admin portal that includes administration and configuration features that help with sending alerts & approving service requests.

Key features of the field service solution includes;

  • API-first approach
  • Access across smartphones & tablets devices on iOS & Android
  • Offline app access
  • GPS location tracking system


  • Improved visibility and transparency of field service workers
  • 50% increase in worker efficiency
  • 100% streamlining of work order management
  • 54% faster work-order completion

Customer Profile

A New Zealand-based civil & construction company.


.NET Core, Flutter, React, TypeScript with Flux, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

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