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Field Service Management Solution

24 Jul 2020

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies require nimble field service operations to improve service quality & speed. A field service management (FSM) software enables them to streamline processes, effectively utilize assets & resources, and drive efficiency. Rishabh Software helps enterprises deliver exceptional customer services, improve productivity, and increase revenue with custom solutions to manage field force.

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the lifestyle of the world around us within a short period. For businesses, efficient control of distributed teams has become one of the most complex tasks. It has become even challenging to offer a unique customer experience while managing diverse customer requests.

As for most of them, the workforce is out in the field, and without insights into their work routine, it poses a varied set of challenges while managing their efficiency. It is now time for organizations to embrace the benefits of field service management to enable the transformation of their business operations.

A field service software puts most of the worries to rest and offers a gamut of benefits, with:

  • Work order & remote service request management,
  • Scheduling & dispatch,
  • Fleet tracking,
  • Reporting & analytics, and more

Rishabh Software helps develop asset-centric field service management software solutions that foster operational visibility to manage personnel and deliver effective on-site services.

Our Custom Field Service Software Solution Puts Your Customer First

We understand that every business executes & manages field services differently. Therefore, our initial analysis starts with assessing the current field service-specific operations to develop a consolidated solution. It helps untangle even the most sophisticated & challenging use cases efficiently and drive impact for the long haul.

Our end-to-end FSM system equips you with;

  1. Streamlining client appointments, work orders, and ticketing
  2. Scheduling and routing optimization
  3. Managing worker reporting, timesheet, job status, and other components
  4. Integrating finance, inventory, and other back-office systems for unified view
  5. Handling all other admin-level activities

Harness The Power Of A Field Service

Rishabh Software offers a single platform for workflow automation, field workforce tracking, reporting, and management to improve business operations.

Capabilities of a Field Service Management Application

Our services have helped customers bring their idea to life with game-changing results. To discover how we make this possible, let us look at the core facets of a customizable FSM solution development capability.

Work Order Management

It helps collect crucial business & customer data and manage work orders to enable field service technicians to carry out their jobs efficiently.

Essential features:

  • Add field technicians, create & assign service tasks with real-time monitoring
  • Track & handle incoming support tickets from multiple channels to access work order history with a simplified search function – all in one place
  • Eliminate paper-based work for task lists, parts inventory, and data collection with automatic generation of recurring maintenance work orders
  • Set deadlines for individual/group service tasks, schedule appointments based on agent availability, and drive better technical support with collaboration & resolution tools
Field Service Solution Work Order Management
A mobile workforce and field service operations solution helps get rid of inefficiencies for the leaders which are an inherent feature of the traditional process.
Asset Management for Field Service Solution

Asset Management

With this module, field workers and organizational assets experience better team collaboration while streamlining their daily tasks.

It enables to

  • Ensure no area of inspection or procedure is left untouched with drag & drop checklist builder bundled with required categories
  • Monitor asset (machine, equipment, vehicle, and more) usage, current status, maintenance costs, and set up automated workflows for assets from a unified platform
  • Track pending vs. completed service tasks, enable push notifications and manage daily work schedule using a mobile helpdesk system
  • Allow technicians, managers, and help desk assistants to share information in real-time through various communication options
  • Analyze work time & performance, manage invoices, get customer feedback – all from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet interface

Besides, the field service management mobile app helps seamlessly manage end-to-end inspections, compliance reporting, equipment monitoring, and other functions with online or offline data collection.

Admin Module

The admin module supports a multi-level hierarchy with custom reporting to provide end-to-end visibility & insight into business operations.

It is with

  • Role-based access to managers and employees for daily task administration
  • A holistic view of the organizational data across functions through an interactive dashboard
  • Managing travel requests, expense reimbursement claims, and approve as and when required
  • Accessing real-time and historical reports submitted by workers as per the business requirements

Further, with predictive analytics capability organization can address the administrator’s “what-if” query on the size of the workforce required against the demand or how increasing/decreasing the number of field personnel would impact the service performance and more.

Admin Module of Field Service Management Application


You will agree, the technology solution is not worth employing if it does not enhance the customer experience. Be it through direct interactions or by making it easier for employees to do their jobs. Field service management software helps unlock immense opportunities to enable company growth. It allows the supervision of a wide range of business processes, including asset & personnel management, payment collection, fleet tracking, and many other back-office functions.

Rishabh Software develops custom field service management app & software with cloud or on-premise deployment options that match the enterprise needs.

Automate Your Field Services Operations Today!

Rishabh Software’s innovative field service management solutions that help enterprises improve workforce efficiency and ensure fast & effective service delivery.