Product Re-engineering Of Survey Software For Healthcare Industry [Case Study]

Healthcare industry today is facing the challenges of rising costs amid uneven quality of care & treatment. Moreover, for businesses, an efficient online survey application supports them to map the patient-provider communication by providing feedback — both from patients and employees. While a lot of hospitals, clinics, and other providers have recognized this need, a reliable survey software development company assists them in creating efficient survey systems that will help them to achieve better healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare Survey Tool Development

Read on as we present how Rishabh Software helped a US-based healthcare services provider to re-engineer their current healthcare survey application to increase their solution product performance, scalability, and reliability.

Project Overview

Our customer was seeking a reliable technology partner to re-engineer their existing cloud-based survey application that could collect and analyze information in a faster way. Basis the received feedback from the healthcare provider for their survey system; the customer was seeking to upgrade and fine-tune their solution.


  • Upgrade the survey software for healthcare without affecting the performance of the current application
  • Identify all the valuable parts of the existing system & reuse them with minimal changes
  • Migrate the source code from ColdFusion to the latest technology framework
  • Data Transfer with a risk-free process, and minimum downtime
  • Modernize the UI to enhance the user experience

Our Solution

We followed a phase-wise implementation approach to re-engineer the entire survey healthcare system. It was divided into two phases; 1) to create a balance in the existing system and 2) rewrite the current code:

Phase 1: Assessment (Requirements Analysis of AS-IS and TO-BE product model)
As part of this, our team conducted a detailed requirement gathering and analysis of the current cloud-based healthcare survey system. We re-examined the entire app architecture and further created comprehensive documentation on the essentials for the end product.

Phase 2: Execution (Incremental product development)
Further, we migrated the application from ColdFusion to ASP.NET with a complete rewrite of the app functionalities. The entire project was divided into multiple small manageable sprints. We made a significant improvement in the existing survey software for healthcare so that it can adhere to advanced business features and requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Faster time to address the patient queries
  • Improved quality of healthcare survey system with maximized staff utilization
  • Seamless user experience across devices & platforms
  • Real-time benchmark and comparison reports
  • Increased cost-efficiency

To conclude, Rishabh Software, as a survey tool development partner, successfully re-engineered the entire survey healthcare system within 12 months. The current application now helps collect actionable insights while delivering consistent user experience across platforms.

Customer Profile

US-based technology & service provider to the healthcare industry

Software & Tools

  • ASP.NET Core Web Framework
  • Twilio Cloud-Based Communications Platform
  • OpenEMR Medical Practice Management Software
  • PayPal
  • JIRA Automated Testing Tool
Seeking A Product Engineering Partner? Rishabh Software helps organizations to upgrade their existing applications & create next-generation solutions.
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