Application Modernization, Migration & Re-engineering Services

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Application Re-engineering and Modernization services help IT leaders to modernize outdated legacy systems. With nearly 80% of the world’s applications run on mainframes and legacy software, business leaders and CXOs are looking to upgrade their old and sluggish IT architecture to bring their business up to speed in a cost-efficient way.

Rishabh Software’s Application Re-engineering, Modernization and Migration services help organizations strip out unnecessary costs, minimizing risks and freeing up IT resources to generate business value. Our consultants can help you decide whether to renew, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance—or rebuild—applications in your portfolio.

Legacy application modernization and re-engineering services are some key enablers for companies to achieve the same competitive advantages as digitally agile organizations. Organizations can either opt to modernize the front-end to make it more user-friendly and appealing, or re-engineer the entire application with the present-day business needs and challenges.

Rishabh Software’s Application Modernization, Re-engineering and Migration services can help you to navigate the digital transformation landscape without compromising your core business processes and functions.

Our comprehensive solution (Application Migration, Re-engineering, Modernization) chooses a consultative methodology with:

  • Application Portfolio assessment
  • Extraction of Business Rules
  • Roadmap, Target Architecture Planning and Definition
  • Research of Data Domain
  • Execution, Testing and Assurance
  • Implementation & Documentation
  • Optimization & Post-Implementation support
Software Modernization and Re-engineering Services

We can help you achieve an IT architecture that is lean, modular, simple, configurable and up to speed. Our approach is to analyze your application portfolio and underlying business logic and preserve the intent and value of these systems.

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Rishabh Software is a CMMi level 3 software company with close to two decades of experience in enterprise application development, re-engineering, modernization, and software migration. We have successfully completed over 1000+ projects and having rich experience in design and development of enterprise solutions, Rishabh Software works on flexible engagement models – either project basis (fixed cost) or T&M basis.

Why should you Re-engineer, Migrate & Modernize?

Digital technology is evolving at an accelerated pace. Organizations that haven’t evolved their IT and still use legacy systems face some grave challenges and threats.

  • Legacy systems were built in an older era to serve a different business purpose
  • More often, legacy applications can’t be remodeled or upgraded to offer an enriched user experience, making them cumbersome to operate and provide value
  • Older IT may not seamlessly integrate with new age tools. It is inaccessible across channels and departments. There is mission-critical data locked inside that can’t be ported or leveraged for wider business purposes
  • Aging and sluggish, large legacy systems become very expensive to manage and sustain. They require special infrastructure and licensing; external support is exorbitant and internal resources with domain knowledge are scarce
  • Proprietary applications are not only more expensive, they are also difficult to mobilize
Industries we serve and solutions we offer for Business Application Modernization and Migration Services

Rishabh Software implements its proven re-engineering methodology with source application portfolio analysis by carefully examining the legacy application set, business logic, and migrating with a tool-based approach. This helps to minimize investments and implement modern technology ecosystem. We leverage automation across various stages of re-engineering such as data collection, reverse engineering, forward engineering, database migration and data integration. Our Application Re-engineering services are mature and a proven modernization option to avoid costly package implementations for complete application re-writes.

Software Migration Services - Modernization of mainframe legacy system

Legacy Application Migration Services

  • Integration and enhancement of legacy systems with new Internet-driven technologies
  • Migration of systems to new architectures, languages, databases and web-based environments
  • Migrating a legacy or existing application to a new operating environment
  • Testing and qualifying products on various platforms and versions
  • Re-enabling, re-hosting and re-engineering

Data Migration Services

  • Migration between programming languages
  • Migration between runtime platforms and application servers
  • Customization of system to client needs and technology environment
  • Database and data format conversion
data migration from legacy system
Modernization or Migration of Microsoft technology based enterprise software applications
Migration or Re-engineering of Java based enterprise software

Future-proofing your Business Application Modernization & Re-engineering

To digitally transform your business, you need to adopt new technologies like social, cloud, mobile and analytics. This makes it imperative to modernize the back-end systems. The modernization process can entail a number of approaches. If done right it can help core enterprise applications transition quickly. Because the competition probably fixed it yesterday. However, the goals for IT modernization are unique for each business. What are some of the pain points? Is it new channel requirements or non-strategic technologies and skills shortage?

For each business there are some common expectations from application modernization,

  • Consolidation of an assortment of software into a single, consistent system that demolishes siloes
  • Unlocking and sharing access for your important legacy data for business intelligence
  • Accelerating the development cycle
  • Enabling innovation and flexibility
  • Reducing TCO (Total cost of Ownership)
  • Preserving the DNA of your original system

Rishabh Software has a proven track record in application re-engineering and modernization services providing 360° coverage for apps and infrastructure makeover. We achieve this by creating the right balance of using existing technology with upgrades and additions (Migration and Enhancements).

Advantages of Modernizing Legacy Application with Rishabh Software

  • Eliminate licensing and support issues with the older technologies
  • Improve collaboration, user friendliness and portability of applications
  • Significantly reduce IT budget spent on maintaining legacy software
  • Meet user change requests faster
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