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Real-time Invoice Fraud Detection & Prevention Solution [Case Study]

03 Mar 2021

Financial crime and other forms of online fraud are a pressing concern for many industries. Businesses lose billions of dollars every year to digital payment fraud. The effects of digital fraud can have devastating consequences for both large and small companies. Not only do fraudulent transactions impact company revenue, but for financial institutions they compromise with user trust and lifetime value. That’s why enterprises of today are investing heavily in technology to protect themselves against fraudulent practices by enabling next generation technologies.

Learn how we helped one of our customers to develop an invoice fraud prevention solution.

Project Overview

Our client is a UK-based software company. They wanted to develop an integrated system to identify, monitor and prevent real-time payment frauds for their customers.

Rishabh Software designed and developed a robust platform for the client to go-to-market with. The application can detect potential fraudulent anomalies by utilizing AI functions like Deep Learning and Neural Networks.


  • Lack of proper system to identify false invoices
  • Limited visibility to handle transactions and payment applications
  • No platform to detect falsified sections in the document to verify supplier
  • Availability of an automated system to safeguard from an internal fraud risk
  • Ineffective accounts payable fraud detection measures
  • Integration challenges with third party accounting systems


We custom developed a web application to detect and prevent invoice fraud. It helps manage customer invoices and supplier verification. The centralized solution included the listed modules;

Safe Pay – Supports seamless & secure integration between ERP/accounting system and bank accounts reducing the need for high-security checks. This helps cut down the risk of losing money and prevent overpayments.

Check Invoice and Supplier – The deep learning algorithms help detect & rectify any instance of uploading false invoices/documents and manipulating supplier verification.

AI-based invoice fraud detection solution dashboard
Real-time internal fraud check and verification application dashboard

Fraud Check – The system identifies fraud patterns mostly internally by connecting to company accounts to validate invoices and expenses. It helps detect and report anomalies within the structure.

Onboarding – Helps onboard new employees with two-step identification in-line with new regulations by validating individuals’ identity as per their bank account and other required documentation.


  • Real-time insights to detect patterns of fraudulent or unauthorized activity
  • 90%+ accuracy in identity validation to track & report false invoice
  • 80% accurate fraud detection with internal invoicing to prevent financial losses

Customer Profile

UK based Technology Company


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