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Digital Transformation in Retail: Improving Human Experience With IoT [Infographic]

19 Jul 2017

In the last two decades, internet has fundamentally transformed the retail landscape. From the early dot-com vendors to the rise of eCommerce giants, all new and old retailers have seized the ever-evolving ways consumers find to purchase products. Today, several businesses have come to terms with internet-enabled retail, embracing omni-channel models to provide seamless shopping experiences through in-store and mobile platforms.


While some retailers are still adapting to internet’s place in their retail strategy, another suite of technologies – Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged to reshape the competitive landscape. As per IDC’s recent report on Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation in retail, 33 percent of industry leaders will be disrupted by 2018 due to an urgency to transform processes, heightened with the threat of competing with the digital businesses.


Retailers who want to survive competition and delight customers must undergo digital transformation using retail IoT solutions to improve human experiences. Take a look at the infographic below to understand how Internet of Things will enable retailers to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and survive the coming IoT tidal wave.


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