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Sales Call Manager App for Sales Reps [CASE STUDY]

12 Jun 2014

In today’s rapid & competitive environment, sales managers seek tools that help them manage their sales cycles and sales reps while effectively helping them close deals. Our mobile CRM app – sales call manager has helped sales managers by providing better insights into their reps’ sales activities and also enabled sales teams to be more productive and successful.


This article explains about a sales call manager app – a mobile CRM solution developed specifically to address the issues faced by sales reps. Let’s have a look at how our iPhone CRM app – sales call manager has helped to transform the sales force of a multinational company.


Many sales call manager apps and mobile CRM applications completely ignore the importance of a phone call. But for many sales executives, a phone call is the most important channel for closing a sale effectively. Rishabh’s mobile CRM solution’s objective was to deliver relevant information in the context of the sales call, because that’s when sales intelligence info is most often useful. Also, we wanted to simplify the delivery process of relevant information from various CRM systems like, Dynamic CRM, Zoho CRM and SugarCRM.


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Major challenges in managing sales calls are losing client numbers and missing scheduled calls

Through the sales call manager app, an enriched mobile experience was delivered for various enterprise CRM application users that not only delivers call history and prospect data from its CRM, but also empowers reps to view prospects’ sales activity feeds from a single elegant viewing point–before, during and after every call. In addition to offering intelligence from Call Notes and Email conversations, our mobile CRM application also deploys a unique reporting delivery tool for the CxO’s & top management to check the status of the current leads. This enables them to take important business decisions for achieving higher ROI in a shorter time period.


The sales call manager mobile CRM application was built for an Australian company that delivers software solutions and software consultancy. Their areas of expertise are web application development solutions, web-based enterprise solutions and mobile app development.

Business Need for iPhone CRM Apps

The demand to build an innovative iPhone CRM App arouse from the need to efficiently coordinate the activities of a globally distributed sales force. This iPhone CRM Application would help the sales reps keep track of their leads, customers, and assist them in achieving target results through their iPhone & iPad devices.

The Sales call manager app has an extensive menu that includes:

  • Keeping records of history and status for customers
  • Sales leads, Opportunities, Account details
  • Date and Results of every call
  • Notes made during calls
  • Scheduled follow up actions if required
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports to the Management


An additional requirement was the need for a functional Sales CRM and Reporting tool to improve sales productivity of the individual sales executive as they go about their daily tasks. Through the iPhone CRM App, the sales rep could also deliver an email of daily, weekly and monthly sales reports to their respective sales managers.

The Solution

Rishabh Software approached the business need with a thorough understanding of the sales process. Keeping in mind the need of the sales managers and their associates, Rishabh designed the Sales Call Manager CRM Application with these functionalities:


  • A sales reporting tool that allowed the sales execs to keep track of all their customers, prioritize their requirements, know where they are in the sales cycle, take notes and schedule follow-up actions
  • Result of every sales call was defined in terms of Actions, Outcomes, Priorities and Categories with a range of user-created definitions under each of these headings
  • Details of each call, such as time, contact information, location, and general follow-up were recorded right on the smartphone & tablet device for future references

Solution Benefits of Sales Call Manager

  • The iPhone CRM app eliminated the unproductive work of preparing spread sheets from paper based call sheets at the end of each day
  • All the information was stored on the cloud, ensuring real-time access to customer information, follow-up reminders, notes and sales reports through the iPad or iPhone
  • The mobile CRM app eliminated the need for purchasing expensive software or stand-alone equipment
  • It offered customized sales functionalities required in a sales system at fraction of the cost of the alternatives
  • Scalable tool that was effective for small as well as large sales team sizes

Technology Used

  • Language: Objective C
  • Framework: Cocoa Touch

Sales Call Manger: iPhone CRM Apps UI


Screenshots of Sales Call Manager App solution developed by Rishabh

Rishabh Software is a trusted solution provider in mobile CRM solutions & integrating enterprise CRM systems with mobile.

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