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Mobile CRM Enhances Business Productivity, Efficiency and Collaboration

20 May 2014

Customer relationship management is the backbone for any enterprise and having the right CRM tools in place can transform the business. Evolution in the mobile space has changed the way organizations use CRM strategies for marketing, sales, and after sales support.


Today, a mobile phone or a tablet plays an important role for creating a true mobile workforce for any enterprise, helping them deliver better customer experience. For any business using CRM, sales reps and senior decision makes are always on the move, creating a need for mobile CRM for easy access to key metrics to make important business decisions.

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile Customer Relationship Management or Mobile CRM offers sales specialists’ instant access to information required on a specific customer, industry, trend, product or services from the enterprise CRM system via any mobile device or tablet. Employees on the move can also access and update customer data wherever they are with help of a mobile CRM app installed on their mobile device.


Mobile CRM helps create a business process enabling the enterprise improve productivity, efficiency and collaboration by efficient way of working through built-in defined best practices for marketing and sales business functions.


Mobile CRM Modules that make your system more efficient and productive

What are the benefits of Mobile CRM?

Numerous Strategic Benefits of Mobile CRM

  • Increases sales productivity with updated customer information
  • Streamlines and accelerates sales or service processes
  • Increases customer satisfaction levels
  • Improves lead conversion rates with shorter sales cycle time
  • Reduces costs associated with sales staff turnover

Who can use Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM application can be accessed via a mobile device through various API’s and Web Services connected to the enterprise CRM system. With appropriate access preferences and defined security measures given to various groups- sales managers, field service technicians, executives, CEO’s, and other mobile workers can access the mobile CRM.

What devices work with Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM solutions work on majority of the mobile platforms available, be it Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones or other web-enabled mobile devices.


Mobile CRM is an optimal solution for small & medium enterprises. Customer service agents, support teams and even senior management can all benefit from using this productive tool.

How can I develop my Mobile CRM solution?

Rishabh Software can help incorporate Mobile CRM to your enterprise’s mobility strategy. Our team of experts can integrate CRM solution including mobile, or introduce a mobile layer to any brand of CRM system already implemented.

Our Mobile CRM services

  • CRM Application Development
  • CRM App Usability Testing
  • CRM App Testing


Want to find out more about Mobile CRM and how it can benefit your enterprise? Talk to one of our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form to get more information on our mobile apps development services.