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IT Support Chatbot Development to Drive Enterprise Productivity

24 Jan 2022

Out with the old, in with the new!

We live in an era when the days of calling a service desk to submit requests are on their way out, and for a good reason. Today, even employees want prompt and frictionless interactions that would resolve recurring queries on time.

One fundamental area where it is proving to be of great help is with the IT support desk. The function usually works round the clock to address queries, complaints, technical support and calls for assistance. It could include resolving issues related to a lost password, streamlining an HR onboarding process, or simply getting salaries credited on time. However, manual support is a major drain of an organization’s resources. An IT Support Chatbot plays a vital role in settling issues in no time. It can help significantly reduce these costs, while largely improving the quality of its services.  By automating repetitive and routine requests, it enables support agents to focus on complex issues. It would include troubleshooting, on or off-boarding, signup, installation, and any technical challenges that need to be handled by the IT department.

If you’re also someone looking to improve workforce productivity for your IT support teams, then this blog is for you. We’ll try to lay down clear steps on how building a bot for your service desk can help & what all it entails.

Here’s What We’ll Cover;

Why Opt for an IT Helpdesk Chatbot for Your Organization?

Today, technical support continues to be one of the biggest burdens that lie on the shoulders of most IT-enabled businesses. At the same time, it isn’t something that you can avoid for long. With almost every process pivoting to all things digital, users at some point would face technical issues. This could mean the inability to fire up a computer, losing passwords, or not getting access to critical online documents. Time constraints, slow response time & lack of human connection are all factors that make it even more critical to automate routine processes.

An IT helpdesk chatbot is similar to a customer service chatbot, but the only difference is that its target audience is mostly internal teams.

Here are a few reasons how IT helpdesk chatbots can help you;

  • Providing fast and effective support to employee teams.
  • Enhance SLA across the board
  • Drive better user satisfaction
  • Lower support costs
  • Free human support executives from performing mundane/repetitive tasks

But what is it that makes it worth the investment? Have a glance!

How does Chatbot for IT Service Desk Help Address Common/Daily Challenges?

A critical support function for today’s enterprise that supports their IT infrastructure and services while enabling the employees and powering the business.

Listed below are a few such scenarios which you can relate that an IT support bot can help address:

  • Access provisioning (for the type of request, requester’s job title, department and approval request to respective management while granting access) and even de-provisioning users once they leave
  • Answering repetitive queries (like – how to reset a password, how to access a network drive and more)
  • Automation of service requests (management of service requests – assigning, status and reporting)
  • Seamless onboarding/offboarding of new employees (overview of policies, permission rights and privileges)

IT Support Chatbot Benefits

The bots serve customers in two ways. Firstly, they identify customer intent through regular conversations and secondly, users don’t need to remember multiple steps or choose from an elaborate set of options.

Here’s are some of the benefits.

  • 24X7 Availability: Improves overall user response time for important queries and round-the-clock support.
  • Faster Ticket Resolution: Increase overall ticket resolution rate that ultimately enhances customer satisfaction. Additionally, accelerated ticket resolution helps businesses promptly restore operations.
  • Prompt Staff Support: Assists the technical team with the required data and information regarding asset tracking and ticket status.
  • Enhances Decision Making & IT Support: Organizations can easily access past data to set future KPIs better, which ultimately improves employee productivity and cuts down on IT service management expenses.

Want to Resolve IT Requests 5X Faster?

We can help develop service bots in-line with your tech support needs to drive productivity!

Rishabh’s Approach to IT Helpdesk Chatbot Development

At Rishabh, we understand the challenges that your support team faces. And thus, our team helps automate recurring IT-related issues and service requests with the help of an intelligent bot.

Here’s a look at our approach around how we help organizations achieve maximum efficiency with their custom IT support chatbot. We typically divide every chatbot project into three phases: scope, design and integration.

  • Scope: We gather your requirements for the conversations at every user level. This helps us in defining personas and building a system context diagram. We then derive potential intents that are expressed in a user’s response to either the raising of a query – either a helpdesk or service request.
  • Design: Once the scope is defined, we design the virtual assistant and test out responses to the identified intents while correlating with the entities. The entity includes the data type that is aligned with the user type. Upon completion of the design phase, we begin the dialog flow and accordingly test it.
  • Integration: Lastly, in the integration phase, we help you develop an app interface (supported on mobile and web platforms) that works along with the backend systems and intelligence-providing systems (database and more). We implement the business logic to manage conversation context and other components are aligned with your specific organizational needs.

Rishabh’s IT Helpdesk Bot Capabilities

Our support chatbot framework is designed to offer timely support and answer every team’s needs in real-time! With a mobile-first approach, we can help you track, organize and manage requests better.

Based on the peculiarity and specific focus of your business we can build/customize it for your organization’s ecosystem.

Listed below are some of the features it can offer – based on the specific roles:

Mobile UI Screens for IT Service Desk Chatbot Application


  • Raise a ticket
  • Track ticket status


  • View tickets
  • Approve tickets
  • Add comments
  • Manage overdue tickets
  • Resolve/reject tickets


  • Create ticket
  • Assign tickets
  • Edit tickets
  • Change status


  • Raise a ticket
  • View tickets
  • Approve tickets
  • Close/cancel tickets

IT Support Chatbot Use Cases

Ticket Segmentation and Assignment

Segmentation of tickets based on the issues and department usually would require lots of time if done manually. IT helpdesk chatbots simplify this with the help of AI and ML abilities.

With insights from the chat history & related details, these intelligent chatbots can determine the user’s intent and further segment the requests. Further, they can even redirect the user to the concerned department or person via call or message by sharing the complete details of the incident.

Access Provisioning/Deprovisioning

One of the most common service requests raised by the employee users. The bots with rule-based structure can identify and differentiate the type of request and intent of the users based on their-

  • Job title,
  • Service type,
  • Type of product,
  • And more

They can resolve it accordingly or transfer it to the respective department for addressing it in a better way.

By authenticating a particular user, they provide access to the respective application and similarly de-authenticate them if they currently don’t have the access privilege.

Workflow Automation

There exist so many repetitive tasks that need quick actions, such as service requests and change approvals. While addressing the individual task for a bot might not be time-consuming because these requests are all raised simultaneously, the priority for them could be a challenge.  IT helpdesk chatbots working alongside human service agents can help automate the process after the due verification.

Summing Up

There are plenty of benefits to deploying a virtual agent that supports your IT staff in performing optimally. With the automation of routine requests and workflows, bots can help you overcome support/service challenges with ease.

While IT bots don’t eliminate the need for a support team, they surely up your team’s overall productivity & work with efficiency. If you want to understand how a service desk bot can work for you, we’re here to assist you.

Ready to Deploy an Intelligent Helpdesk Bot?

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