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Everything About Live Streaming App Development

07 Apr 2021

Technology is rapidly altering the way we consume content today. Gone are the days when television was the primary entertainment medium. With changing consumer preferences, video streaming applications are most certainly taking the lead. They allow users to watch their favorite movie, sports matches, music concert and much more at their own pace and time. Most importantly, the users don’t need to wait for the streaming of this content over television devices.

By exploring this potential of the live streaming applications over android, iOS with cloud data support, entrepreneurs are all geared up to build a video streaming app. And, while the pandemic only accelerated this trend, today we witness the availability of multiple applications with live streaming functionality in the market, like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and more.

If you are a business that wishes to leverage this billion-dollar business opportunity, then this article is for you.
Here is what we would cover;

  • What Is A Live Streaming App
  • Live Broadcasting Vs Live Streaming
  • Video Streaming And The Cloud
  • Types Of Streaming Applications
  • Roadmap To Creating A Live Streaming App
  • Live Streaming App Features – Basic & Advanced
  • Live Streaming App Development Estimate
  • Tech Stack Of A Live Streaming App
  • How To Build A Live Streaming App?
  • What Will Be Your Monetization Strategy?
  • Why Choose Rishabh Software To Develop Your Live Streaming App?

Growth in the Global Streaming Landscape

  • According to Tech Jury, the live streaming industry is set to touch USD $184.27 billion by 2027.
  • A recent CISCO report suggests that 79% of mobile users will prefer video streaming by 2022.

What Is A Live Streaming App

It helps with the transmission of events and happening in real-time with the virtual participation of attendants over a dedicated platform. Businesses and customers benefit from using this type of app for;

  • Live video recording with a paid stream of sessions
  • Attracting new customers with online training programs
  • IoT enabled application to look after pets/children/housemaid

Live Broadcasting Vs Live Streaming

While they may sound the same, they are pretty different. Let’s help you understand how.

Live streaming takes place when the online streaming media is recorded and broadcasted at the same time. It means viewing it live on devices like a laptop, iPad, tablet, or even your smartphone. A live football match, IGTV Live and Facebook Live are some examples.

On the other hand, live broadcasting refers to using different media types that seem like they are viewed in real-time. This is because no delay or lag happens. The shows you watch on Netflix, Tubi, HBO Max are some examples.

Video Streaming And The Cloud

The cloud is being adopted faster than ever to enable speed and bandwidth. It provided an immersive user experience while managing data-heavy content. YouTube is one of the best practical use case of the same. By leveraging the cloud, the platform expands the reach to millions of people across the world. Today, it has become the second-largest custom video search engine.

In this new age, even small businesses understand the importance of the cloud to make customers feel more connected to the brand. The whole idea of humanizing technology attracts more users. Further, brands can focus on robust marketing strategies & areas for innovation.

However, most enterprises lack the network’s need to manage heavy traffic and video streaming. Thus, most businesses partner with companies that help them leverage the cloud to scale at speed.

Types Of Streaming Applications

Here’s a look at some of the most popular types of streaming applications that as an enterprise one can leverage.

Live Broadcasting Apps
This is one of the most popular forms of streaming media where you watch videos in real-time. Facebook Live, IGTV and YouTube Live are famous examples.

Audio Streaming
It follows the same principle as live broadcasting apps. However, as the name suggests, users can listen to music without downloading it. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora are popular names on the market.

Video on Demand Streaming (VOD)
It is the future of online content consumption where users watch their favorite movies and TV series without downloading them. What sets it apart is that users can pause, rewind and resume content quickly. It includes a subscription-based model where users can access content as per their budget.

Need Streaming Development Services?

Our team of experts can help you develop a Netflix-like app that fits your budget & meets the business goals.

How To Build A Live Streaming App?

Live video streaming application development is more complex than it sounds. It requires a team of skilled professionals with a deep understanding of the latest tools and technologies. However, to ensure that the app meets your business needs, there are factors you must consider as mentioned below:

  • Define Your Target Audience
    Understanding the needs of users to understand how the app should be designed. Run a survey to understand what users like and dislike about live streaming apps. It will help identify the challenges at an early stage. Besides, you can also focus on exciting & innovative features.
  • Select a Reliable Platform for Live Streaming, Hosting & Storage
    Another essential step with the development of video streaming applications is to decide the most suitable platform for streaming, hosting & storing. While choosing the cheapest possible provider may sound like a good idea, you end up compromising a great deal on quality. Performance, as a result, takes a hit when the traffic and number of users grow. Consumers who stream content regularly will not tolerate low-resolution videos or laggy streams.
  • Focus on Great UI/UX Design
    Investing in the best UI/UX design will keep customers happy. Especially in a highly competitive industry, your app must stand out. Great user experience is a priority. Survey the market to understand what’s trending and what your target audience would enjoy.
  • Build and Test Your MVP
    By now, you probably have plenty of ideas to create your live video streaming app. But before you jump the gun, we suggest that you test the app out by building an MVP – a basic version of your app that includes the essential features. It is meant to test the app’s performance in the market. Once you receive responses & feedback, you can consider other factors for development.

Now that you are aware of the steps involved in creating a live streaming app, it’s time to look at the basic and advanced features to consider.

Live Streaming App Features – Basic & Advanced

User Registration
A simple registration feature requires details like email address and phone number with OTP verification. You should also include account authentication and password recovery functions. Including the popular social media sign-in option helps easy access to the platform. The younger generation of users is always on the lookout for easy access.

User Profile
This is a mandatory feature where each user has control over what they watch. Include recommendations as per content consumption. You can also add multiple screens where each user has separate access.

Features of Live Streaming App

A must-have feature is a diligent search or explore option. Include as many genres as possible in the drop-down search bar. Remember that your app will have a variety of users across age groups.

Push Notifications
To keep users hooked onto your app, notify them about popular streams that people follow. Additionally, whenever a user starts a broadcast, all their follows should be notified.

Beyond live streaming, your app must focus on connecting various users. Like other popular apps, users express themselves freely, share content, & build a community of friends.

Think about how you want your users to interact with the app. Keeping that in mind, focus on an interface and experience that users across all age groups would enjoy.

Multilingual Content
To broaden your reach, you must go beyond English as a standard language option. Providing multilingual content shows that you understand user preferences who may want to switch between global languages and regional content frequently.

Live Streaming App Development Estimate

The cost of developing a live streaming app depends on a variety of factors.

  • Type & size of the app
  • Platforms & devices
  • Target market
  • Development Timeline
  • Design basics
  • Features & functionalities
  • Maintenance & marketing
  • Size of a development team with skillset
Cost Factors for Live Video Streaming App Development

Tech Stack Of A Live Streaming App

For your app to be successful, it needs to be innovative & trendy. Our experienced development team has the required exposure of leveraging the best of the technologies, languages, platforms & frameworks to deliver immersive experiences.

  • Frontend: Angular (PWA)
  • Backend (API): Node.js
  • Content delivery network: Amazon CloudFront Hosting: Amazon EC2
  • Media processing platform: AWS Elemental Media Services (MediaLive, MediaPackage, MediaTailor)
  • Streaming protocols: HLS
  • Database: Amazon DynamoDB

What Will Be Your Monetization Strategy?

The ultimate goal of any business is to generate profits. Since the adoption of live-streaming apps, the number of users will soar. But how do you make money through your app? Here are some ways:

  • Paid app – Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
  • Free/Premium Account
  • Advertising on the app

Why Choose Rishabh Software To Develop Your Live Streaming App?

As a mobile app development service provider, we have been working with some of the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions to clients. In an industry that deals with evolving consumer behavior, we know that customized and personalized content matters.

As media and entertainment software development experts, we leverage our experience to identify, evaluate and deploy custom solutions that provide an edge. We even help tap on market segments, user engagement, and more, from live streaming to events and video-on-demand.

Here’s what we focus on to help you bring a strong network of users:

  • Skilled Developers
    Our highly qualified development team is experienced in working with the latest tools & technologies.
  • Creative Designers
    We understand the importance of great design that’s why we focus on attractive, trending & innovative designs that make your app stand out.
  • Agile Delivery
    Our incremental & iterative approach ensures that you enjoy benefits like high-quality mobile apps & faster return on investment.
  • Systematic Approach
    To keep flaws out of the way, we take on a systematic approach. We conduct tests at every development phase so that your app is market-ready.

Challenges We Solve for Our Clients:

  • Enhance frontend or backend features so that your live streaming service meets user demand
  • Build new solutions from the ground up or upgrade existing solutions
  • Require technology upgrade but can’t handle the same
  • Develop solutions that deliver a Netflix-like experience

Wrapping Up

The live streaming space is growing faster than ever today. More and more people prefer watching content on devices that are quick to access.

If you have an app idea or a specific requirement, we can assess your needs to develop a solution that leads you to success.

Ready To Launch Your OTT Platform?

Rishabh Software offers an array of custom streaming solutions that help you deploy your product in no time.