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Mobile App for Securing Travel Documents With Virtual Storage [CASE STUDY]

04 May 2015

A US based travel organization wanted to provide a secure and easy organizer for travel documents to its valuable customers. They were looking to create a mobile document management solution that will securely manage various travel documents like Visa, Passport and also notify the users about the renewal of expired documents.


The client’s requirement was to build a mobile document management solution for managing various confidential travel documents like Visa, Passport, License with greater emphasis on streamlining access. The solution should have an intuitive user interface with added secure encryption engine to safeguard the documents. In addition, it should run flawlessly on various iOS, Android based devices and also notify users for renewal of expired documents.


  • Offline document capture and sync
  • Device compatibility for existing and next generation devices
  • Delivering unified user experience
  • User data encryption and validation


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The mobile team at Rishabh diligently designed the UI, coded, tested and deployed the mobile document management solution for both iOS and Android devices. The solution methodology was focused on building native applications for iOS and Android platform to capture confidential information from documents coupled with user data encryption.


Reusability of components like custom views, navigation control and app sync functions was considered for rapid application development of the solution. The confidential information was delivered securely through temporary storage on the app for scenarios where the data connection was lost, and a rapid sync was established with the transaction server once the connectivity is restored.


Mobile Document Storage Application for iOS and Android

Business Benefits

  • In-App Encryption for securing highly-valued user content
  • Real-time access to the latest content across various devices
  • Prevent data loss of con­fidential documents
  • Reduce carbon footprint by going paperless

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Rishabh Software provides mobile document management solution for simplifying access to confidential documents for the travel industry.

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