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Custom Pharmaceutical Software Development For Better Transparency & Growth

29 Mar 2022

Pharmaceutical software refers to an umbrella term for a variety of technology solutions used by manufacturers, raw material suppliers, wholesalers, including drug stores and healthcare providers. And, as the healthcare industry grows, more & more industry players, including drug researchers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies, face the need to go for pharmaceutical software development.  And, having an experienced development partner by your side can help bring the ultimate value from being an average company to becoming a market leader.

With this, let’s explore how we at Rishabh can help with a walkthrough of some of the most common pharmaceutical software solutions that a tech partner can help develop, how they can mitigate challenges with possible business benefits. So, dive right in!

Key Contents

Why Invest in Pharmaceutical Software Development

As more and more businesses rely on software solutions, custom pharmaceutical software development can help optimize business processes and effectively respond to market demands. This is while removing barriers to market demands, managing compliance prerequisites & achieving overall supply chain efficiency. A dedicated development partner can help streamline the drug R&D processes, optimize the sales pipeline, ensure drug control, and capitalize on business growth opportunities through technology.

Key Goals of Pharma Software

Software development in the pharmaceutical industry allows automation of process workflows while making the organization more efficient and improving outcomes This is achieved across;

  • Pharmacy Services: This allows streamlining the drug management processes with the help of an automated prescription dispensing system.
  • Patient Health Outcomes: Integration with EHR helps pharmacists offer better counseling in collaboration with healthcare professionals to ensure that patients take proper medications as prescribed for chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension and avoid any harmful effects.

Different Types of Custom Pharmaceutical Software Solutions

Drug Discovery & Pre-Clinical Solution Development

Optimize, accelerate & track your commercial drug development processes while adhering to compliance with fully secure software that integrates different systems for:

  • Early-stage medical data management
  • Analysis & reporting of patient and clinical trial data
  • eData capture software development
  • ePatient-reported outcome collection
  • Clinical trial management system development
  • eCase report forms integration
  • Clinical outcome assessment module integration
  • Automation of invoicing and reporting module

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software Development

Helps organize, manage & monitor product quality and streamline the manufacturing process to meet client’s specifications and associated regulatory requirements for:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Operations management
  • Production planning & procurement
  • Traceability & recall management
  • Product quality assurance
  • Prior Authorization

Pharma Distribution Software Development

Simplify, streamline and speed up the entire flow of ordering, selling, storing, and shipping of healthcare and life sciences products leveraging custom software solutions for:

  • Automating inventory management
  • Warehouse & logistics management
  • Supply chain management software

Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety Software Development

Reduce your operational overheads while ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations with the help of:

  • Clinical request information management software
  • Drug safety monitoring software
  • Adverse drug reaction reporting app
  • Workflow integration with the WHO drug dictionary
  • Adverse events database development

Listed above are some of the custom software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry we can help develop. They enable healthcare organizations to meet the immediate and future needs of drug discovery & development.

Seek a Pharma Software Development Partner?

With experience in the healthcare industry, we can help you with digital transformation by filling possible technology & resource gaps.

Business Benefits of Pharmaceutical Software Development

Pharma Software Development Business Benefits
  • Building business resilience: The Covid 19 outbreak proved to be an eye-opener for the companies implying that they need to be flexible and stay ahead with new technology trends to benefit from more growth opportunities. Today we’re witnessing AI-driven drug discovery, remote patient monitoring, e-pharmacy, e-prescription, and many more interesting trends that are reshaping the future of how pharmaceuticals are developed, manufactured, and distributed. This is along with delivering more personalized services while matching the growing patient expectations.
  • Meeting regulatory compliance: Compliance with regulations like the HIPAA in the US and the GDPR in the EU come with enormous price tags. The pharmaceutical industry needs a compliance upgrade that can be made possible by digital technologies. The software help tremendously reduces manual efforts, streamline reporting and centralize data. This is something that would ease the operations of the compliance departments of organizations.
  • Manufacturing and trial enhancement: The pharmaceutical software allows companies to automate, optimize their R&D operations and clinical trials. This can further help improve data management, enable the creation of protocols, accelerate clinical analysis and reporting. Further, the software can even serve as a centralized data repository that helps spot inconsistencies with research data at an early stage. They can even help optimize the complex manufacturing network – by automating documentation, reporting & inventory tracking and more. And, ultimately this would offer pharma companies to gain better control over production, accelerate the production lifecycle and improve drug quality.

Challenges That a Pharma Software Development Partner Can Solve

Apart from the challenges of ensuring data privacy & regulatory compliance & choosing the right technology, the following are a few key challenges that are efficiently addressed by an experienced pharma software development company:

  • Costly and complex integrations: A comprehensive software for manufacturers for this industry requires integrations with third-party systems for drug discovery, accounting, shipping, prescription labeling & payment processing along with the hospital’s EHR/EMR systems and customer databases. As a trusted technology partner, we provide swift and seamless integration services that help you unlock end-to-end visibility into your business apps and data. We focus on API-first integrations, app-to-app integrations & custom integrations to help expedite the time to value on tech investments of every size and scale.
  • Scalability issues: Pharmaceutical apps must work at optimal efficiency 24×7 and across devices. And, without the consideration of the right technology clubbed with specialization of development company – the performance, availability, and security of solutions might suffer in the long run. Adding to this the maintenance of the application can cost a lot – if not optimized properly. You would agree that with any patient-oriented pharmacy app the longer periods of downtime would ultimately cost manufacturers and wholesalers significantly. Therefore an experienced partner can ensure meeting the mobility, flexibility & scalability needs.
  • Personalization requirements: To manage complex data transfers between internal and external stakeholders the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry players need highly personalized solutions. Therefore, inaccurate business analysis can lead to inefficient software development that won’t address your unique goals. An enterprise software development company like Rishabh offers a good combination of BA analysts, data scientists among others to ensure data management is accurately mapped.

How Rishabh Can Help You Transform Digitally

Balancing the regulatory and consumer experience demands is crucial for companies of today. And, it is vital to optimize production processes, ensure quality & traceability, while maintaining data integrity & required quality standards. As an experienced custom pharmaceutical software development company, we empower organizations with future-ready software and apps. Explore our healthcare solution development capability to learn more about our development services & experience in building industry-specific software.

Wrapping Up!

The pharmaceutical industry is growing at an exponential rate, and software solutions are here to simplify and enhance drug discovery, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Beyond the obvious benefits of technology, the custom pharmaceutical software solutions enable improving compliance, protect against cyberattacks & prevent the risk of drug fraud.

And, while considering a pharmaceutical software development partner, do make sure to check their technical strength, skillset, tech ecosystem & compliance understanding required for the development. This is along with a standard list of essentials including – work experience, geographies, skilled resources and more. Since the pharmaceutical industry is strictly regulated hence your development partner should use the appropriate tech stack and must have enough experience in this field to guide you through in the right direction.

Accelerate Project Execution Time & Amp Up Profits

We can help you modernize drug discovery, development, marketing, analytics, and more while adhering to stringent regulations.