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Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

15 Apr 2020

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions, along with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), is transforming the healthcare industry. It enables clinicians to improve care while allowing patients to get the required assistance remotely, especially in times of medical uncertainty. Rishabh Software offers advanced RPM solutions that cater to the different needs of health organizations’.


The health management system today is on the brink of transition, from “hospital-centered” to “home-centered” care, especially in times like today where contagion like COVID-19 has taken over the world.


A remote or home patient monitoring system helps leverage digital technologies to offer personalized care and attention to patients.

Further, it helps with:

  • Transmitting patient health data in real-time to a healthcare facility for assessment & analysis
  • Increasing the capacity for physicians to treat more patients


Rishabh Software develops custom solutions for healthcare organizations to engage, guide, and monitor patients remotely.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Development

RPM In Healthcare – Necessity Or Choice?

The benefit of a remote patient monitoring system includes meeting the demand curve for telehealth technology with smartphones & WiFi-enabled medical devices.


And through that, medical professionals can ensure:

  • Collating health data such as respiration rate, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, body temperature, and more remotely
  • Triaging the high-risk population automatically


Our customer-centric remote patient monitoring solutions address potential bottlenecks, as listed below, while offering care solutions.

  • Rising hospitalization costs
  • Shortage of skilled and experienced medical professionals
  • Inability to provide low-cost lab tests due to expensive equipment & developing disease patterns

Launch Effective Remote Care Programs

Our comprehensive RPM solution helps you provide efficient care with higher operational cost savings.

Here is an overview of our remote patient monitoring software development focus:

Remote Patient Monitoring - EMR Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

  • Role-based access to users
  • Automated sorting for immediate intervention
  • Comprehensive display of health metrics
  • View/filter patients on one screen based on their location, symptoms, and more


EMR Management

  • Cloud-based system to record real-time medical data of patients
  • View patient’s information, medical history, and appointment schedules
  • Access pathology reports, vital statistics, and more
  • Paperless workflow management for care coordination, patient data customization, medical billing, and more
Remote Patient Monitoring - Vitals Management

Vitals Management

  • Wireless vitals collection through mobile devices, tracking and management
  • Mapping of healthcare requirements & timeframe
  • Allow patient’s mobility in the house during monitoring


Do explore how we helped a UK-based healthcare provider focused on geriatric care to enable elderly citizens to search, shortlist, pay, and receive services from the caregivers of their choice through a dedicated portal solution.


Interactive Care Management

  • Provide home health remote patient monitoring from certified doctors & nurses
  • Configure multiple care plans based on user groups
  • Remote consultation through online system & keep in touch with medical staff
  • In-built map navigation to locate patients instantly in case of any emergency
  • Create/access action lists based on disease type


Our remote patient monitoring applications also adheres to the cybersecurity best practices to offer effective remote care & patient portals to handle the malware attacks and data breach challenges.

Remote health monitoring system is the present, and towards a bright future

To conclude, RPM solutions provide patients with expanded levels of care, as compared to traditional healthcare models. Rishabh Software is at the forefront of helping healthcare organizations to adopt the next-gen home patient monitoring systems. As a result, they win patient loyalty & safeguard the relevance of their organization’s services for years to come.

Seeking Help For An RPM Solution?

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