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Power Apps-based Mixed Reality App Development for Industrial Machinery Manufacturer [Case Study]

16 Jan 2024

Factories and manufacturers are increasingly turning to 3D Mixed Reality (MR) apps to optimize the placement of complex machinery. These apps provide enhanced visualization and spatial awareness and enable teams to virtually test different layouts for precise planning as compared to traditional 2D plans.

Recent advancements in AR for manufacturing and mixed-reality app development with Power Apps offer significant benefits in terms of ease of use, speed, cost, and collaboration.

Discover how we empowered an Australian-based industrial machinery manufacturer with a Microsoft Power Platform-driven 3D Mixed Reality App which enables their client to visualize and design their industrial facilities more efficiently.

Project Overview

Our client, a leading industrial machinery manufacturer, faced challenges in optimizing the placement of complex machinery for their end customers within their facilities. While traditional methods were time-consuming and lacked precision, they sought to leverage modern-age mixed reality app development to help them manage this scenario with a cost-effective solution.

Understanding the intricate requirements of the client, the Rishabh Software team developed a 3D Mixed Reality App on Microsoft Power Platform with interactive pointers. This mobile app aimed to simplify and enhance the accuracy of placing industrial machines within their designated locations. Leveraging our expertise in augmented reality in manufacturing and software development experience, we helped them redefine industrial object placement.


  • Precision placement of machinery in a large-scale manufacturing set-up.
  • Cumbersome methods were causing delays in production timelines.
  • Training Complexity for new personnel on the intricacies of machinery placement required significant time and resources.
  • Safety regulations: Ensuring compliance with safety standards for machinery placement.


After a thorough analysis of the challenges, our team leveraged augmented reality technology along with Power App – Canvas App with consideration of 3D Objects.

We created a 3D Mixed Reality App with Power Apps that incorporated interactive pointers, allowing users to visualize and precisely place industrial machine components within the physical space. The app leveraged Microsoft SharePoint as a centralized content data hub to store and manage the 3D models of machinery, equipment, and even the entire factory layout for easy search and retrieval.

Product list screen view of Power Apps mixed reality app

Key Components of The Solution:

3D Visualization

By integrating mixed reality in Power Apps, the mobile app provided a realistic 3D representation of the industrial machinery, enabling users to assess and plan the placement more effectively.

Industrial machinery product 3D visualization app screen

Interactive Pointers

Users could employ interactive pointers to mark specific locations for machine components, ensuring accuracy and alignment with production requirements.

Real-time Collaboration

The app facilitated real-time collaboration and decision-making, allowing multiple team members to contribute to the machinery placement process simultaneously.


  • 100% visualization of objects in real space
  • 85% enhancement in precision
  • 70% streamlining of workflows

Customer Profile

An Australia-based leading industrial machinery manufacturer.


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