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Power BI Healthcare Financial Dashboard To Optimize Decision Making [Case Study]

16 May 2022

For healthcare organizations operating across multiple locations getting data insights about facility performance, revenue summary, departmental information and more is vital to work towards creating an efficient patient support system. Though, the majority of the time, the data generated by healthcare workers is siloed and stored at different locations. And, often this data does not help generate valuable, meaningful, and much anticipated insights. Microsoft’s Power BI helps connect such disparate data sources to offer real-time insights. With this cloud-based business analytics platform, healthcare companies can uniquely visualize data, monitor insights and share dashboards to ultimately make data-driven decisions.

Learn how we helped a US-based healthcare provider to leverage Power BI & build a healthcare financial dashboard to get a unified view of their business data.

Project Overview

A leading North America-based health & wellness innovator offering personalized hormone therapy solutions wanted to unlock the data and have it presented on a platform to better track performance, sales & revenue. With limited exposure to the technical world, they were in pursuit of an experienced technology partner to develop a single-view platform for data modeling and visualization to extract crucial insights.


  • Manual reporting process
  • Data spread across multiple systems
  • No centralization of reporting mechanism
  • No single source of truth for revenue generated
  • Lack of integration with relevant non-financial data components (performance KPIs)


We developed a healthcare financial dashboard by utilizing Power BI for CFO tracking with relevant KPIs. It would include key insights on revenues (YoY performance, department-wise breakup, targeted vs achieved & coverage). Further, it enables other business stakeholders & Regional Manager (RM), Divisional Manager (DM) & Team Manager (TM) with role-based access to report creation & analysis.

The customer needed integration of the data warehouse with Power BI to create daily, weekly and monthly reports with multiple tabs as per the KPIs to monitor the various clinics’ performance. Further, with our experience, we offered a right comparison of Target Vs Actuals by utilizing Data Modeling and DAX Queries. The interactive dashboard now serves as a single source of truth with a granular level of understanding across daily, weekly, monthly & yearly earnings.

Power BI Healthcare CFO KPI Dashboard Screenshot
Power BI-based Healthcare Revenue Dashboard Screenshot

Highlights from the newly developed dashboard:

  • Patient Visit Summary – patient headcount insights
  • Monthly clinical performance
  • CFO dashboard
  • Executive dashboard – Area manager, regional manager & district manager performance


  • 84% reduction in operational efforts for performance monitoring
  • 43% easy tracking of RM, DM & TM performance
  • 47% improvement in business decision-making across KPIs

Customer Profile

A US-based health & wellness provider focused on hormone therapy solutions.


  • Power BI
  • Azure Synapse

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