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Data Visualization Services

As a data visualization company, we can help you turn data from varied sources into engaging visuals. That enables you to predict demand, identify opportunities & monitor goals.

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Providing the right visuals for you to track trends & compare KPIs

Our data visualization service offerings include technology consulting, implementation, and support to develop visually appealing and intelligent reports.

We offer custom data visualization solutions that are tailored to your requirements and the KPIs you’d like to track. We help turn your data into business intelligence (BI) dashboards while connecting any business data source to reduce dependency on manual data feeds. We prioritize your reporting needs by clearly defining data sources, data flows, and the exact functions of each component.

We have extensive experience in utilizing popular BI platforms like Power BI and Tableau.  Our team can help migrate your existing reporting from Excel & Tableau to Power BI. Our in-depth knowledge of cloud service platforms – AWS (Amazon Web Services) & Microsoft Azure enables us to leverage the capabilities of cloud analytics for data visualization.

Data visualization company

Services We Offer

Our Data Visualization Service Offerings help you declutter information silos for better analysis. We help create reports and dashboards that allow businesses like yours to understand and simplify high volumes of complex data into interactive visualizations.

Data Platform Development

Data Platform Development

Our data visualization development experts build custom platforms to provide end-to-end data management. We collect, clean & consolidate raw data from different sources. Our team can help centralize & transform your data storage, sharing & data analysis. We build data management platforms, including a data warehouse with efficient BI.

  • Integration of Data Sources to create unified sets of information for both operational and analytical uses
  • Engineer ELT/ETL & OLAP to integrate data from different sources & analyze them
  • Data Storage & Security to minimize risks & ensure data authenticity

Reports and Dashboards Development

Reports and Dashboards Development

As a data visualization solutions provider, we help create custom reports & dashboards for varied types of users with no analytics expertise to data analysts with a specialized focus. Our team works with you to select BI tools best fit to suit your business needs. We design intuitive dashboards that simplify complex datasets, uncover crucial trends, and track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We offer access to essential data & insights to your decision-makers. We specialize in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to create graphical reports and migrate reporting solution crystal reports to SSRS.

  • Operational Dashboards to monitor business processes and identify bottlenecks across related KPIs
  • Analytical Dashboards to identify trends, build forecasts based on historical data
  • Strategic Dashboards to monitor KPIs across the company against the desired strategy

Dashboard Optimization

Dashboard Optimization

Our BI experts optimize dashboards at the data source, data environment levels, and data model to meet your expectations. Our team can analyze & enhance your existing dashboards. We help improve the dashboard performance, including optimization of the database for querying, enhancing the dashboard for visual parameters & improving access. Our team can support you to provide essential insights across mobile & web interfaces while reducing load times.

  • Desktop & Mobile View Configuration for ease of access to dashboards & reports
  • Report Scheduling & Automation of extracted data for relevant stakeholders periodically
  • Report Customization using platforms like Power BI, Tableau, etc.
  • Technical Upgrades & Configurations to improve system quality, features & security

Data Visualization with Cloud Services

Data Visualization with Cloud Services

Our team leverages cloud platforms – AWS and Azure with prominent services including, Azure Data Explorer and Amazon QuickSight to connect your data from different sources in the cloud. We help integrate several data sources like big data, third-party & B2B onto a single dashboard.

  • Data Visualization with Amazon QuickSight to interpret data in natural language
  • Data Visualization with Azure Data Explorer to analyze high volumes of data in near real-time.

Tools & Technologies

We can help you visualize data and capture real value from it

Data Visualization Types

Understand your data. Devise an actionable plan. Drive results.

Temporal Data Visualizations

Temporal Data Visualizations

Temporal Data Visualizations

Linear & one-dimensional visualizations to transform your enterprise information into clear-cut and comprehensive data pointers.

  • Bar charts
  • Line graphs
  • Scatter plots
  • Stacked Area Chart
  • Gantt Chart
  • Stream Graph
  • Heat Map
  • Polar Area Diagram

Hierarchical Data Visualizations

Hierarchical Data Visualizations

Hierarchical Data Visualizations

They are the right choice for presenting blocks of information. These visualizations are your best bet when you want to depict data interconnections within a process.

  • Circle packing
  • Sunburst chart
  • Tree diagrams
  • Crosstab Chart
  • Partition Chart
  • Stacked Bar Chart

Multi-dimensional Data Visualizations

Multi-dimensional Data Visualizations

Multi-dimensional Data Visualizations

We leverage 3D visualizations to provide immersive visuals of information that matters the most to achieve peak performance.

  • Pie charts
  • Scatter plot
  • Dual-axis
  • Bar & stacked bar charts

Geospatial Data Visualizations

Geospatial Data Visualizations

Geospatial Data Visualizations

We deploy and integrate geospatial analytics to visualize complex map-based layers and relevant data points on large geographical maps.

  • Heat maps
  • Flow maps
  • Density maps
  • Data Space Distribution Map
  • Time Space Distribution Map
  • Spider Map
  • Topographic Map
  • Hexagonal Binning Map
  • Cartogram Map
  • Choropleth Map
  • Cluster Map
  • Proportional Symbol Map
  • Point Map

Data Visualization Use Cases

Here’s an overview of the industries we cater to,



  • Budget planning and improved forecasting
  • Track and prevent financial fraud
  • Treasury and cash flow management


Sales & Marketing

Supply Chain


Why choose us for data visualization services?

Our experienced team guides you on the best BI tools, techniques, and technology stack required to achieve your data visualization goals. We conduct a deep analysis of your unique business needs before designing & developing a BI/Visualization solution.

Data visualization consulting company
Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Our certified & experienced team has hands-on knowledge of working on projects that require the dissection of complex data from large data sets into informative graphs, graphical charts, maps, tables & more.
Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

We’ve profound experience in the BI and data analytics space of supporting businesses like yours by developing a variety of visualization tools.
Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

Our experienced team helps create reports with smart visualization. We employ best practices of leveraging the responsive design and maximizing the use of feature charts, by using touch screen controls to design them.
Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

We support you to deliver uninterrupted and accurate data visuals with process-driven maintenance schedules & upgrades to align it with your data strategy by identifying potential issues & remediate them as needed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of data visualization?

    It refers to the representation of data via the use of charts, graphs & diagrams to communicate complex & difficult-to-understand information meaningfully. It assists businesses, governments, and individuals to perceive data better.

    Data Visualization offers many benefits, which contribute to its increasing popularity. They include:

    • The human brain can recognize visualized data faster & better.
    • Charts & graphs are easy to read as compared to spreadsheets.
    • Data Visualization tools show insights that traditional reports could miss.
    • It gives actionable items that aid in identifying areas of improvement.
    • Organizations using data visualization increase revenue due to higher productivity & sales.
    How can data dashboards help my business?

    Dashboards provide easy & quick visibility of the information you seek to decipher. While we can design data dashboards as per your specific needs, here are some examples of how they can benefit you:

    • A custom dashboard assists you in setting KPIs & tracking the information you need.
    • You get insights & critical metrics based on different data types brought together.
    • It detects real-time positive & negative changes in your business so you can quickly change course.
    • A dashboard embedded with predictive analytics aids in creating better sales forecasts and determining the right path forward to meet your goals.
    What is your data visualization process?

    As an experienced data visualization company, we guide you throughout the data journey from technology consulting to support towards meeting your goals. Our adept data scientists work closely with you to build a data-driven culture giving all stakeholders access to essential information and vital insights to make better decisions. We analyze each data source, fact, figure & IT solution to custom-design your dashboards & reports.

    Our approach includes:

    • Data Collection – We collect correct data from different sources that reflect the real strength of your business.
    • Data Cleaning – We ensure data accuracy by removing erroneous values or outliers.
    • Data Modelling – Our data mapping techniques facilitate the selection of the appropriate chart or graph type depending on insights that need highlighting.
    • Data Preparation – We transform the data structure by determining data columns, groups, aggregate values for groups, etc., as required for visualizations.
    • Data Visualization – We build the IT solution for your use by applying our visualization skills to the prepared data.