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Modernizing Real Estate Legacy Systems & Revamping IT Infrastructure [CASE STUDY]

01 Apr 2019

As per industry estimates, most of the money spent on software and services is dedicated to maintaining existing applications that run the business. As part of this, the modernization of apps is a solution for many companies. It helps them reduce IT spending and even gain a competitive edge. However, it makes sense if done right and if the companies know how to avoid pitfalls.


Our customer- a UK based leading online real estate agency had challenges with their existing IT infrastructure that comprised of old technologies. They needed help with modernizing their applications to the latest Microsoft technologies. Due to a poorly developed code structure from the many silos, the customer had poor business visibility. They lacked the support to manage the housing needs for their clients. Learn how we helped them centralize their applications through a modernization approach, further, how we handled the upgrade of their existing IT infrastructure, which enabled the seamless operation of both legacy and new applications.



One of the largest UK based online estate agents wanted to revamp their legacy systems and modernize with latest .NET Microsoft technologies. Their existing systems were hosted on Microsoft Windows IIS 8 web server and had a separate server hosting for the SQL Server database. Many application silos were created by the past team and they wanted to centralize their systems for better visibility. We helped our customer modernize their existing applications and also redeveloped a centralized customer portal for managing the online & offline housing requirements.


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  • Migrating from Classic ASP to ASP Core
  • Absence of application integration
  • Outdated technology, leading to creating of new application code
  • Lack of infrastructure to support both the internal & external users


We first analyzed the current infrastructure to identify the gaps and develop a robust environment to support all the applications through code upgrades. Many dependencies were created due to poor coupling between the database and the applications, leading to higher application failures.


Many single point of failures were identified, which helped the team to develop automated scripts for managing such failures. Our application development team modernized all the existing applications using ASP.Net Core technology and delivered mobile enablement through various APIs.


The customer portal delivered many intuitive features like delivering alerts on new available property to internal users, push notifications to website users, real-time availability of the inventory.


Business Benefits

  • Better user experience & mobile accessibility
  • Centralized administration, eliminating duplication of inventory posting
  • Single view of inventory, simplifying the decision process
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Industry Segment

Real Estate

Customer Profile

UK-based largest on-line estate agents

Technology and Tools

  • SQL Server 2014
  • Windows 2012 Server with IIS
  • ASP.NET Core 2
  • .NET Core 2 APIs
  • C#
  • Bootstrap
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

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