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Recruitment Application Development Using Microsoft Power Platform to Automate Hiring Process [Case Study]

29 Dec 2023

When countless hours are spent processing paperwork, managing repetitive screenings, and keeping up with diverse requisition demands from extended teams – the recruitment process often becomes a roadblock. Moreover, manual processes are further prone to mistakes and inconsistencies which may mar a staffing agency’s momentum in promptly procuring top-tier talent. That’s where recruitment process automation comes in!

Microsoft Power Platform’s automation capabilities can create a recruitment process automation solution to overcome common challenges. Discover how we empowered a US staffing agency with a Power Platform-driven Recruitment Process Application, streamlining their talent search from request forms to candidate management, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Project Overview

Our client is a US-based staffing and recruitment agency helping medium-to-large organizations find the right talent. They wanted to automate their manual job requisition process to support their diverse and extended teams.

Rishabh Software’s expertise powered the development of a comprehensive web application within the Power Platform. The developed solution automated and streamlined the entire recruitment lifecycle with uninterrupted collaboration – from generating recruitment request forms (RRFs) and shortlisting candidates to facilitating interviews and managing feedback. The capability to save rejected profiles for future needs further improved job requisition management.


  • Manual candidate requisition was a slow and error-prone process.
  • Managing diverse and extended teams added complexity to the recruitment process, making it challenging to coordinate and streamline tasks.
  • Feedback management was cumbersome without automation
  • Manual processes involving meetings led to delays in decision-making and hindered overall process efficiency
  • Without an automated solution, saving rejected profiles for future requirements lacked a systematic approach.
  • The unavailability of custom form generation capability limited the ability to customize job role templates for specific requirements.


We chose Microsoft’s Low Code Development Suite – Power Platform by analyzing the client’s existing operations backed by the Microsoft ecosystem. The client was under time pressure for the upcoming recruitment season and trade fairs. They were expecting a faster turnaround with this custom solution for automating recruitment process. As a first step in the recruitment application development, we collaborated with client SPOC to gather inputs on the fields and parameters needed to develop job role templates.

Recruitment process application dashboard screenshot

As a power platform consulting company, we created the base application by utilizing the Power Apps – canvas app. We used the in-built tablet view screens to offer a tablet view for the RRF application. As part of the Microsoft ecosystem, we opted for SharePoint Online as the data source for data storage and seamless information exchange within the application.

RRF application master data tablet view screen

The application allows users to:

  • Build Custom Forms – Enabled the recruitment team to develop JDs with specific input on required experience, technical skills, education level, and more.
  • Tracking & Managing Assessment Process – Define and analyze the parameters for assessing & the interview of candidates to enable capturing candidate feedback.
  • Candidate Profile Bank – Supports storing candidate profiles for future consideration.


  • 100% candidate application parameter flexibility for multiple roles
  • 30% improvement in time efficiency
  • 45% enhanced collaboration across teams

Customer Profile

A US-based human capital agency specializing in staffing and recruitment services.

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