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Legacy Application Modernization For A Medical Supply Provider [Case Study]

23 Jul 2021

eCommerce is changing the face of the healthcare industry by providing medical facilities with a platform to purchase medical supplies that are easily accessible and affordable. Even then many online pharmacies are struggling to keep up with the unprecedented demand for medicines & pharmaceutical products.

The reason could be most of the ePharmacies still operate on legacy systems that lack user-friendly appeal, faster turn-around of requests, payment & other integration challenges. It often results in losing out on significant new business opportunities. To meet the growing need for medical supplies, B2B online stores must upgrade their systems to utilize the full potential of their business. Here’s a showcase of how we at Rishabh Software helped a US-based B2B ePharmacy with eCommerce pharmaceutical supply store modernization.

Project Overview

Our client is one of the world’s largest medical supply distributors. They procure high-quality equipment from manufacturers to the point of sale. With a growing customer base and an increase in website traffic, they were unable to keep up with end-user expectations due to inefficient processes.

The existing system was developed using legacy ASP and resulted in significant performance issues. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they were seeking application modernization of online medical supply store development that would help them turn the barriers in their business into lucrative opportunities.

The solution would:

  • Ensure clutter-free navigation
  • Optimize the speed of the website
  • Improve UI/UX
  • Provide product recommendations for repeat orders
  • Automate routine processes


  • Unable to address the growing demand for medical supplies
  • Poor website navigation increased the time spent on product search
  • Irrelevant product showcase


It was imperative to conduct a complete overhaul of the existing system since the technologies had become obsolete. Our team proposed to revamp the existing platform to ASP.NET with MVC architecture to deliver a highly interactive web application.

Further, we proposed to move their application to the cloud to help them avoid the high operational costs of on-premise servers.

Online Medical Supply Store Application Modernization
Ecommerce Pharmaceutical Supply Store Modernization-Customer and Product Info

We implemented a ‘Lift and Shift’ approach to migrate their legacy servers onto Microsoft’s Azure. It helped the customer to realize the unparalleled speed, security, volume of data and ultimately true business value. Moreover, it brought an end to the hardware issues, while improving the overall security and stability of the servers.

To conclude, with legacy modernization, Rishabh Software delivered robust and outstanding results for the client.


  • 47% increase in conversion rate
  • 5x increase in system performance
  • Better user experience with a minimalistic navigation structure
  • A unified workflow system that automated critical processes

Customer Profile

A US-Based B2B ePharmacy


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