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Remote Project Management Software Solution

21 May 2020

Remote project planning and management software enables companies to manage teams to serve the customers virtually with an online collaboration tool that helps maximize project efficiency. Learn how Rishabh Software helps global organizations create a unique line of sight across their business operations by simplifying the workflow, and accomplish goals through custom solutions.

Remote work has emerged as a tremendous workplace revolution that allows teams with greater work flexibility, and in turn, helps boost productivity.

And, while businesses today are trying to keep up with the changing needs of project delivery and staff, a custom remote work project management solution is the need of the hour.

It enables them with:

  • Planning & synchronizing tasks in an organized way
  • Providing a central hub for communication & collaboration between team members
  • Streamlining workflow to manage & support the team’s work approach
  • Analyzing real-time insights into the team’s performance & project status

Rishabh Software provides a configurable enterprise solution that strengthens the project management workflow for your distributed teams. We assist you in managing the entire project, from planning and assigning tasks to track the progress through a single system.

Remote Project Management Solution

How Remote Work Project Management Solution Keeps Your Projects On Track

Our solution supports the workforce with the right mechanism that optimizes performance and help them succeed.

It offers the best of both standard & customized features that assist you in:

  • Organizing the project-related data on a single platform
  • Utilizing resources effectively with a bird’s-eye view of all projects
  • Streamlining collaboration between the teams to increase productivity
  • Analyzing tasks & subtasks by project, team member, and other parameters

Collaborative Work Management for Remote Teams

Our tailor-made solution helps enterprises enhance team communication & collaboration and do more work in less time to become a productive powerhouse.

Let’s look at the essentials of our remote team project management software that helps enterprises to organize, schedule, manage, and complete projects effectively.

Planning & Scheduling

Remote Project Planning & Management

The planning software component helps your team to document all the project requisites in one place.

It allows:

  • Creation of project boards, adding members with full or specific access
  • Inclusion of lists with details, due dates, checklists, attachments, and more
  • Calendar plotting with prioritizing, schedule, assigning of tasks & subtasks, and share the calendar with the team
  • Time slot overview for each team member to avoid overbooking and to set realistic deadlines

In addition to this, the custom templates and request forms help simplify project planning, especially for multiple project management.

Team Collaboration

Remote Team Collaboration

As team members work on different tasks for a specific project, our collaboration element helps establish an organized communication channel to keep everyone informed and connected.

The module supports:

  • Allowing the members to share files, images, videos, links, and other project details via group chats or one-to-one communications
  • Hosting virtual meetings, conferences, and live chats via in-built video calling & data sharing features
  • Tracking KPIs on team dashboards with Gantt chart, graphs, and other options
  • Updating project details, comments, and mention persons in real-time

We even help with modifying and integrating mainstream collaboration applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and more.

Resource Management

Remote Project & Resource Management

Our project management tool for remote teams enable efficient resource utilization for project managers and keep each team member in the loop.

It allows:

  • Adding/managing users (employees, freelancers, partners, and others) & their profiles
  • Defining multiple workflow types for approval, feedback, digital signature, and more
  • To automate the rule-based business processes and alerts to minimize the time spent on mundane tasks

Besides, we even help create and implement a well-structured document management system that supports users to store, search, and retrieve project files with permission-based access.

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring & Reporting in Remote Project Management

Our remote work-monitoring module offers 360° real-time visibility into all aspects of projects.
The advanced reporting module helps:

  • Track time spent by team members on specific projects or tasks through timesheets
  • Monitor project status & measure profitability on a project KPI dashboard with advanced visualization features
  • Create & share customizable reports to analyze team performance and further identify bottlenecks, if any

We even develop, customize, and integrate modules for Finance Management, CRM & Quoting, Advanced Analytics, and more as per the enterprise’s requirement.

Summing it up

As flexibility takes on a more significant meaning, global organizations must make permanent shifts to the way they work. And an all-in-one project management solution empowers their remote teams to work independently with the right resources at their disposal.


Rishabh Software provides feature-rich remote project planning and management software for enterprises that demand a higher level of management proficiency, insight into team performance, and allows seamless team interactions.

Take Complete Control of Your Projects

Rishabh Software helps your remote teams to stay organized and enables you to prioritize & manage projects in a secure, flexible way with a scalable solution.