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Key Elements Of Social Distancing Software Development Using Artificial Intelligence

09 Jul 2021

Social distancing in the workplace and other surroundings is now becoming a norm. Though it is vital to understand and address how employees interact within any ecosystem.

While proximity sensors and wearable sensors have found success in industries like healthcare, search-and-rescue operations, security & more, there’s a need for a system that is transparent, non-invasive, and cognizant.

Post the pandemic, this concept is gaining popularity. A social distancing alert system using artificial intelligence works in the same way as a wearable where a smartphone triggers an alert to remind the users of their proximity. It would comprise smart data management about occupancy levels on floors and footfall in real-time.

So, if you want to equip your existing IP & CCTV cameras with an AI-enabled alert system to monitor physical division & adherence to health guidelines, then this article is for you.

Table of Contents:

What Is A Social Distancing Alert System?

The AI platform uses feeds from your existing CCTV & IP cameras along with computer vision technology to detect, alert and notify if people are maintaining a safe distance and flags those who are not.

What Problems Does It Solve?

This digital technology enables anonymous and discreet monitoring of spaces to ensure compliance with physical distancing guidelines. It helps identify problem areas to make modifications for the environment with safe work practices to reduce risk.

You can monitor the number of people in an area and measure if they are maintaining minimum advised distance while sitting, standing, or walking.

It can also ensure staff safety by:

  1. Spotting people who are standing too close or in a group by setting off an alarm
  2. Optimum room space utilization
  3. Notifying when the number of people in an area exceeds safety levels
  4. Keeping a constant check on the behavior of people, their density, and flow of traffic

How Does The Social Distancing Detection System Work?

If anyone is found violating the guidelines or the safety protocol is compromised;

  • IP and CCTV cameras track the people movement in real-time
  • Combined with computer vision the software application sends real-time notifications to admins or monitoring centers and violators to take appropriate action, on time.

Data is stored and analyzed using advanced analytics systems. When integrated with the smart sensors;

  • Capture historical info and create real-time insights into the use of space, proximity & density
  • Help discover bottlenecks when physical isolation norms are breached.

Ensuring strict adherence to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, only meta-data is stored for analysis. None of the images are stored or transmitted in the social distancing alert system.

How Social Distancing Software Works

1. Integration of IP and CCTV camera

  • Integrates with your existing Building Management System (BMS) to generate a live feed from the cameras which is directly displayed on your monitors.
  • Transfers the data to AI engine over Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) that ensures a loop-free topology for Ethernet networks to enable easy data sharing without affecting network performance

2.  Analyzing object detection to monitor people movement

  • By utilizing OpenCV, computer vision, and deep learning, we implement social division detectors to validate people movement in a video stream
  • Assessment of space usage, proximity & density – Compute the pairwise distancing between all the detected people
  • Monitors data and time
  • Validation to assess if any two people are less than N pixels apart

3. Sending alerts to mobile devices and reporting console

  • Analyzes the feed from every frame and sends an alert via speakers or through Beepers to security personnel and SMS alerts, email notification & network ping to admins

4. Visualization on admin console of violator input

  • Leverages advanced BI system (like PowerBI & Tableau) to collate and analyze results
  • Monitors live and historical occupancy information
  • Updates the dashboard in real-time
  • Creation of trigger scenario with captured data for security/admin teams

Looking To Develop A Social Distancing AI App?

We can help build custom social distancing alert systems by utilizing modern technologies like AI & computer vision

Must-have Features in a Social Distancing Detection System

Features of Social Distancing Detection System

Automated Voice Alerts: Send voice alerts through speakers installed in the security or admin workstations whenever the guideline is violated. Also, set the rate of facial recognition and warning alarms.

Multi-channel Recognition: Integrate multiple cameras in a matter of minutes and enable them to leverage the capability of artificial intelligence for recognizing faces and flagging people.

Real-time Notifications: Send instant notifications to admins or security staff for any violation of rules set for social distancing.

No New Hardware Needed: There is no need to invest in additional or new video infrastructure capability. The software can work seamlessly with your existing surveillance system and can be easily integrated with smart speakers.

Easy Integration with website or app: Easily display people statistics to track social distance. Also to conduct analysis and display insights about crowd forecasting for the facility to prepare better for any contingency.

At Rishabh, we leverage our experience in harnessing the potential of tech to develop custom digital solutions for our clients. Our specialists understand the unique business needs to develop an integrated platform with all the required features.

Key Applications of Social Distancing Alert System Using AI

  • Healthcare Organizations: Hospitals and medical facilities can use the app to monitor health abnormalities in patients to avoid the release of any disease contagion. Using the cameras installed at the premises, health authorities can keep a constant check on their staff, patients, and visitors to ensure a safe distance is being maintained round the clock.
  • Airports: Helps spot and red flag people who are not maintaining safe distancing norms. The several CCTV cameras capture people in close proximity to alert on-duty staff and concerned authorities with voice alarms and push notifications. Further, this video log feed is stored in the back-end system.
  • Retail Spaces: The social distancing alert system would ensure that shoppers maintain a safe distance from each other. The cameras can monitor store activity consistently and notify people nearby. The analytics from the live count of visitors can even help with crowd forecasting at the store and provide opportunities to offer free pickup spots & discount rollout to customers.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and public libraries can efficiently enforce safe physical segregation rules. The system would help with easy monitoring, alerting, creating awareness & managing possible emergencies.
  • Businesses & Office Workspace: Organizations restarting their operations from the office can leverage this app to ensure & promote a safe work environment. Easy synchronization of facial data parameters of the staff into the system will ensure timely & prompt alerts based on the pre-defined rules.
  • Metro Stations: Stations are always overcrowded, and this is where a social distancing detection system can greatly reduce the risk by alerting the authorities and commuters. Cameras installed at the station can leverage AI to monitor the movement of people and make sure that everyone is maintaining a safe distance.
  • Manufacturing Plants: It can be installed in plants to safeguard workers and avoid close contact. CCTVs can spot and identify such patterns and notify the concerned authorities and even the member of the worker community.

Final words

Social distancing will impact workplaces of all kinds for the foreseeable future. It would change the way people interact with the systems and also each other. Also, technological advances that facilitate safe social isolation are inevitable. Therefore, a social distancing detection system is now going to be a “must-have component” soon for shopping malls, educational institutions, airports, offices, manufacturing plants, hotels, hospitals and more. They would ensure health safety across all walks of life. Have you thought about it for your organization? If not, time is just right to take the action.

How Can We Help You with Social Distancing Solution Development

Rishabh Software supported and continues to work with businesses across verticals to develop intuitive platforms that ensure their work productivity is not affected, whatsoever. As an enterprise software development partner, we help develop custom social distancing alert systems using artificial intelligence capabilities. With a smart monitoring platform, enterprises can easily plug and play the data (live feed) from sources like RTSP feeds and CCTV cameras. Further, they can track the movement of people, their volume in public or specific areas in real-time. The platform also integrates fully functional, an easy-to-navigate dashboard that offers insights to ensure a safe premise.

Wish To Transform Future Workplace?

Rishabh Software can help develop & deploy a custom Social Distancing Detection System to ensure work stays uninterrupted across all levels.