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Online Travel Portal & Booking Engine Development Solution

24 Jan 2020

The travel industry is witnessing a surge in travelers, year on year. Amid fierce competition, B2B and B2C travel portal solutions help travel companies to target a diverse audience. The web-based system help them to expand their brand presence, and business operations.


Rishabh Software offers custom travel portal development services as per your business requirements. Be it for the B2B/B2C travel agency, travel aggregator, or any other travel management company; our tailored solutions cater to their business needs.

Online Travel Portal Development Solution

End To End Travel Portal Development For A Transparent And Secure Booking Process

We help travel businesses with technical solutions to streamline their processes and meet the next-gen customer demands. As a proficient travel portal development company, we build the right-fit web & mobile applications.


Our online travel management system covers all key facets, including:

  1. Hotel Booking
  2. Flight Booking
  3. Cruise Booking
  4. Bus/Car/Train Booking
  5. Holiday Packages Booking
  6. Travel Agent/Tour Operator Software
  7. XML/GDS/ API Integration

Struggling With Travel Portal Development?

Rishabh Software helps streamline your online operations by developing the right travel management system

Let’s look at the essential booking engines and the associated panels and modules of our travel portal app development services focus

Super Admin Panel

Travel Portal Admin Panel Module

The easy-to-use admin panel allows easy management of the online booking engine.


Core Modules

  • User Management: It implies the possibility to track & manage user profiles, company & branch details, contact information, preferred payment methods, and more. Further, role mapping allows users to access specific sections of the web portal.
  • Booking Management: You can track active reservations, define booking rules, upload reservation forms, issue e-tickets, track registration history, and perform other booking related tasks through this module.
  • Payment & Commission Management: You can monitor the credit/cash of sub-agencies, suppliers, and more. Also, you can set commission rates for agents and operators, make payments, and generate invoices.
  • Package/Tour Management: It helps create and manage tour plans, modify package category, upcoming tour dates, set destinations, booking options, pricing type, and more. The easy to use drop-down lists and other features to modify package category, type, and more.
  • Reporting: Our comprehensive reporting module allows you to generate and download custom reports in a spreadsheet format. It includes booking description, profit & revenue amount, agent commissions, cancellations, and more.
  • Settings: Here, you can customize the theme, arrange content, set notifications, activate/deactivate users, approve/modify/delete reviews, and manage all the other on-demand features as per your business needs.

B2B Booking Engine

Travel Portal B2B Booking Engine Module

Our B2B travel portal development service helps you manage the travel business effectively. Besides, it provides direct access to the corporate clients and distributors to your web-based booking system.


Core Modules

  • Registration & Login: Agents, travel agencies, tour operators can register/login through this module. Verified accounts get real-time access to your services & products such as cars, flights, hotels, and more.
  • Partner Management: It provides complete control over managing new affiliates and agencies as well as tracking various business operations. From the backend, you can activate/deactivate agents as well as restrict their actions on the portal according to your business needs.
  • Booking & Offers: Here, you can create custom travel packages, cross-selling products or services, and other discount offers. Agents can book specific holiday packages, buy & transfer bulk tickets, and choose accommodation options.
  • Documentation & Cancelation: It enables the travel partners to upload & store documents related to various booking-related services and make them available for their customers. Also, it is possible to print/modify/cancel the tickets from the portal directly.
  • Cash Flow Management & CRM: Registrants can manage cash flow and create vouchers & invoices. Besides, you can set the minimum monthly costs and enable flexible online payments. CRM integration allows streamlining the process flows and improve conversions.

B2C Booking Engine

Travel Portal B2C Booking Engine Module

Our B2C travel portal development service enables easy, secure booking from any browser and device. While it is targeted to assist your end customers through self-service tools, you can manage various features and functionality using the backend.


Core Modules

  • Registration/Guest Login: Travelers can enroll themselves on the multilingual travel portal and avail your membership offers. They can even log in as a guest user to get a swift booking experience.
  • Profile Management: With secure authentication via HTTPS, registered users can store their contact details, favorite destinations, preferred payment methods, and more to ease many bookings.
  • Bookings: Users can search, filter, and book flight, taxi, bus, train, or cruise tickets as well as opt for select holiday packages. They can further modify/cancel the reservation, depending on the rules and availability. Also, they can share their travel plans on social media through the mobile-friendly interface directly.
  • Payments: The multicurrency support enables users to pay for their bookings through your online travel portal directly. They can apply promo codes to avail discounts. Further, they can print receipts, which would also be sent to their registered Email IDs automatically.
  • History & Feedback: This module helps travelers to check their booking history and provide feedback on their experience with your company and tour operators. Besides, they can connect with your company representatives through live chat to solve queries.


A travel portal software helps organizations, agencies, and tour operators to centralize their business processes. It helps end customers to get a mobile-friendly, secure, and hassle-free booking system while allowing the companies and agents to perk up the promotion strategies.


Rishabh Software is the top-notch travel portal development services partner for the travel and tourism industry. The sky is the limit for our clients in this domain as we empower them to increase the trust-level of their customers and run their business efficiently.

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