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Mobile App Testing Services

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As a mobile app testing company, we put user experience at the center of our QA practices and deliver results that make an impact. Based on our proficiency across mobile platforms, like iOS & Android, we offer a full range of services, including functional, compatibility, usability, performance and security. We ensure the app’s high quality and user adoption while dealing with various models, networks, operating systems, browsers, and locations.

With a decade-long experience in quality assurance for mobile performance testing, we’re backed by a team of highly qualified mobile app testers certified on multiple mobile testing tools. Further, our test architects & engineers have years of testing experience while working across domains such as Retail, Travel, Banking and more. They leverage industry-leading mobile testing tools & implement the best practices.

Rishabh offers deep experience in cross-browser testing for both functional and non-functional aspects of mobile application testing. Our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) constitutes dynamic mobile testing professionals. They are well versed with mobile testing frameworks & utilities that help enterprises and ISV’s achieve faster ROI and accelerated time-to-market.

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Services We Offer

Our range of mobile testing services is aimed at uncovering potential issues right at the beginning of the development stage for the efficient and reliable performance of applications. By considering the native test automation best practices, our team performs Unit, API and UI testing across platforms. Before investing into mobile testing, one should have a comprehensive insight into the essential considerations of Mobile Application Testing, which is critical.

Mobile Usability Testing

Mobile Usability Testing

As a mobile application testing company, we place utmost emphasis on ensuring that your app has a user-friendly interface and an exciting UX for global users. Our experienced team determines the product’s interface usability based on the end-user persona. Our focus is on analyzing the app performance through the eyes of the user. We test applications on real devices and emulators to find the defects for delivering release on time. It would include application response in-line with user expectations, discovering potential problems with the interface. The central objective is to test whether the app is easy-to-use and provides a smooth experience to target users.

  • Navigation and structure
  • Workflows and scenario
  • Content accessibility

Mobile Functional Testing

Mobile Functional Testing

No matter how popular an app is, the users will abandon it the moment it crashes. That’s why our mobile testing team leaves no stone unturned by making sure that each app feature works flawlessly and it meets the expectations of end-users.

  • Exploratory testing & prioritized testing
  • Risk-based testing
  • Integration testing & user acceptance testing

Mobile Performance Testing

Mobile Performance Testing

At times when apps aren’t tested well, there are chances that it underperforms when there’s a weak signal, excessive load, or disturbance from other devices. To prevent this from happening, our team unearths load, stress, reliability, or scalability bugs especially for apps that serve thousands of users like eCommerce stores, banking apps, messaging apps as well as food delivery & gaming apps. That’s why we heavily run backend performance tests to ensure your app performs seamlessly, at all times.

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Volume testing
  • Stability testing

Mobile Compatibility Testing

Mobile Compatibility Testing

No matter what operating system or device your app runs on, users need to be delivered the best of experiences. Our specialists offer compatibility testing for browsers across devices to ensure that the application delivers an impeccable user experience, perpetually.

  • Browser compatibility testing
  • Application compatibility testing
  • Software compatibility testing
  • Hardware & network compatibility testing

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation

Through a data-driven approach, we help reduce the errors and speed up the testing process using scripts that run across real devices & emulators. This is achieved considering various platform versions, screen resolutions, network connections and more. Without human involvement, we test native, mobile web, and hybrid applications. Our team ensures that the application works as expected and meets all requirements. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that your app meets the highest of quality standards, runs smoothly & is released on time.

  • Automation testing consultancy
  • Test automation and ROI assessment
  • Test automation framework implementation
  • Automated regression & functional testing

Tools & Technologies

Deliver exceptional user experiences with our mobile app testing services


Deliver flawless applications that fuel business growth

Rishabh’s mobile application testing services are the culmination of strong experience and an in-depth understanding of the digital world & the ability to overcome any challenge to deliver results that create an impact.

Mobile Testing Company
Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

With extensive experience in testing frameworks, we apply the right strategy to deliver unparalleled services to global clients. Our QA team leaves no stone unturned to deliver solutions of the highest quality by implementing a 360-degree holistic approach.
Highly Adaptable

Highly Adaptable

Our team is prepared to rapidly react to changes in your production environments and work swiftly and efficiently, ensuring no delay for releases.
One Collaborative Team

One Collaborative Team

At Rishabh, our strength lies in firm integration amongst project teams. It helps ensure transparent horizontal communication & collaboration with stakeholders, designers, BAs and developers that help projects to stay up-to-date.
Deep Domain Knowledge

Deep Domain Knowledge

Our team is experienced in multiple domains with mobile testing engineers in sync with identifying & fixing industry-specific pitfalls, bottlenecks and security issues in your app.

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