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Advantages of Augmented Reality (AR) in The Real Estate Business

13 Jun 2018

Gone are the days, when just a plain view website with a photo album and physical site tours sufficed to display the properties up for sale. Today augmented reality (AR) is one of the novel technology rapidly becoming the de facto standard for the real estate sector. Augmented reality in real estate is helping improve the interaction between the realtor and the customers. It offers the customers with a new perspective on their choice of projects while assisting real estate agents in speeding up the rate of the sales cycle for the properties.


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Below are Some of the Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Real Estate Industry

Visual Interaction for Better Engagement

According to field study, augmented reality for commercial real estate offers the customer an intuitive and engaging experience. By rendering 2D images into 3D objects, AR in real estate provides them with a virtual “first hand “knowledge of the properties they might want to buy. Imagine while deciding on space variables of furniture placement in their prospect property, the customer could click pictures of their current furniture and place them in a listing to check how space works out for their stuff.

Saving Time and Resources

A customer with an augmented reality real estate app installed on the mobile devices can now get a virtual tour of the property miles away from the base location. The app can help address their basic queries on the area, financial ability and other factors that influence their decision. The hovering of mobile devices on windows could ‘show’ them the information about the installation structure, their effective energy rating, panes of glass used, and information about the vicinity of schools, hospitals, and community centers.

Reaching More Customers for Greater Profits

Every business is out to make money, and profits are a significant indicator of the growth for companies. The popularity potential of augmented reality real estate apps help boost the tapping of a large customer base for the realtors. For real estate agents and developers, augmented reality for real estate will offer the adequate opportunity to retrieve information about their projects without an active internet connection while meeting a potential buyer or investor while resulting in more profits for the business.


To conclude, augmented reality is one of those sweeping positive changes that have the potential to revolutionize how the real estate industry operates, and we expect to see many more benefits from this technology in the future. Augmented reality and real estate have the potential to drive the growth together for the sector by assisting customers better to arrive at a conclusive decision.

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