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SharePoint Online Vs On-Premise – Which Is The Smarter Choice For Business?

Through this blog get a comprehensive analysis of SharePoint Online Vs SharePoint On-Premises to enable you in making an informed choice. It would align with the operational requirements & maximize efficiency. At the same time, there are several factors to consider, capabilities to explore, and features to compare for making an informed decision.

Developed Employee Performance Tracking System Using SharePoint Online [Case Study]

Explore how Rishabh assisted a fast-growing restaurant chain with performance tracking system development for centralized tracking & management of employee training and promotion approvals.

Legacy Software Modernization for Courts and Justice Department [Case Study]

Learn how Rishabh Software helped a North-American court and justice agency with legacy software modernization to enhance the overall efficiency of the court processes.

Municipal Court Case Management Software Modernization [Case Study]

Learn how Rishabh enabled a North America-based courts and justice office to modernize their legacy municipal court case management system. And, how this optimization exercise helped overcome multiple technical limitations while improving system performance and resulting in enhanced overall efficiency for associated teams.

Ultimate .NET 6 Features To Develop Scalable Web and Mobile Apps

Released in Nov 2021, .NET 6 from Microsoft consolidates its plan to create a unified platform to develop applications for any device and operating system.

Benefits of SharePoint Intranet For a Connected Organization

Microsoft’s SharePoint enables the development of modern intranet in Office 365. It is a proposition for great success because SharePoint lets the organizations customize pretty much what they want.

Microsoft Power Apps Benefits & Use Cases

Digital transformation is the key to solving such complex problems and Microsoft Power Platform is driving this revolution with its technology suite of services. Power Apps is one of the most popular and preferred products of the suite.

Microsoft Azure Application Development For Enterprises

Organizations across the world are realizing the impact the Cloud can create, not just on their business, but to serve customers, partners and employees better. It’s helping companies navigate the uncertainty by addressing four key issues: improved business agility, expansion of revenue sources, support for remote application development & reduction in IT costs.

SharePoint Human Resources Management System

Human Resources function across industries has evolved. It manages a wide variety of initiatives, from recruitment to employee welfare, with training, benefits and strategic planning to support the organization at large.

SharePoint Document Management Solution

Companies deal with a boundless sea of electronic documents comprising information about their business operations and customers. Using SharePoint for document management can help automate the ways in which records & files are managed to increase employee productivity while optimizing the processes. Rishabh Software helps you leverage document management in SharePoint to store, organize and track digital documents for smooth, productive business workflow.

Building a Helpdesk System with Microsoft SharePoint to Streamline Ticketing Process

Streamline your helpdesk processes by exploring the core elements of Rishabh Software’s SharePoint based ticketing system. A help desk ticketing system helps address customer challenges in an accurate, and well-organized manner.

Microsoft SharePoint For Healthcare System

Healthcare is one of the most complex business sectors in the world that deals with an enormous amount of information. It includes patient info, staff details, financial sheets, and other medical data.

Integrating Dynamics CRM With FieldOne Solution [CASE STUDY]

Learn how Rishabh Software helped a customer from the Oil & Gas industry with 500+ field agents to avoid data redundancy issues, deliver accurate field reporting and monitor customer & lead activities.