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Insurance Mobile App Development – Why You Need It

Mobile applications have emerged as the game-changer for every domain and the insurance sector is no exception. Mobile apps in the insurance industry bridge the insurer and policyholder gap through seamless and swift solutions. It allows the policyholders to have on-the-go access to their insurance details. And, they enable insurance agents to improve productivity with faster request closures.

eCommerce App Development For Retail Businesses

Mobile apps are driving the boom for the eCommerce industry. Today, almost everything from clothing, food, electronics and other items across categories can be purchased online. Every business, be it the world’s leading online retailer or a young company – all want to succeed in this stream.

Social Media App Development To Meet Friends & Organize Events [Case Study]

Smartphones have helped spark creativity in our lives by changing the role of communication. It is beyond managing work schedules and calendars. We’re referring to staying socially connected online especially during the age of social distancing.

Recruitment App Development To Streamline Hiring Process [Case Study]

Finding the right candidate is critical to business success. And, technology helps HR function to look into hiring strategies to get the best applicants. A mobile app can streamline almost everything for the recruitment process within an organization, from locating, screening, interviewing, and hiring the perfect candidates.

Food Delivery App Development

Businesses leverage food delivery mobile apps to sell food and drinks that people enjoy. As part of this, an online food delivery business is growing faster than any other segments (such as quick-service restaurants or fast-casual places) in the food industry.

Telemedicine Application Development: Advantages, Use Cases, Features & Cost

The healthcare companies of today are looking at ways to reduce costs and improve patient care. As part of this, Telemedicine is emerging as the new concept of e-healthcare. The new telemedicine platforms are making the healthcare industry more flexible.

Online Event Planning App Development

An online event management software facilitates easy supervision of end-to-end event planning & execution efficiently. It includes registration to e-ticketing, sponsorship to live activity feed, attendee tracking, and more.

Restaurant App Development Solution

Restaurants, whether, big or small across the globe are investing heavily in mobile technology. In the last few years, the restaurant app development services have gained ground because of the user-friendliness & convenience they offer to both the restaurant owners and customers.

Converting Electronic Medical Record (EMR) iOS App to Android

Learn the best ways of how Rishabh Software helped with porting an EMR application from iOS to Android while ensuring the essentials of application architecture, and offering the same user experience across platforms.

EMR Mobile App Development For 360° Patient Care

Uncover how Rishabh Software offers custom EMR App Development Solutions with features that enable medical professionals to maximize clinical productivity, and stay connected with patients to provide excellent patient care.

React Native For Mobile App Development

React Native is a next-generation cross-platform solution for both Android and iOS application development. The multiple-choice problem-solving capability for application development is one of the significant advantages of react native.

Android vs iOS Apps – How To Choose The Right App Development Platform? [Infographic]

With evolving business needs, increasing user demands and rapid penetration of mobile phones, the need for mobile apps development is at an all-time high. We have compiled a list of specific Android vs. iOS app development factors through an infographic.

How Benefits Of Android App Can Help Businesses

Businesses today are turning to mobile apps to expand their strategies to tap a higher customer base. With over 86.8% share, Android OS dominates the mobile app development market.