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eWallet Mobile App Development Essentials

22 May 2019

With the rapid growth of online commerce and a plethora of smartphones, we are witnessing a surge in the different modes of digital payment approaches. The average customer of today cherishes the use of eWallet applications, like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo for shopping, ticket booking, paying bills, and much more. The principal reason for this wide adoption is that such eWallet solutions offer faster, secure, and reliable payment ecosystems.


Read on as with this piece; we try to address what are the essential components for eWallet Applications. It is along with must-have features that will help increase the customer base and eventually, sales — moreover, the immense benefits of choosing a right partner for eWallet mobile app development solutions.


Industries That Leverage eWallet App Development
Beyond the banking & finance sector, the eWallet Apps benefit technology enterprises, education institutes & learning centers, industries like shopping, telecommunication, food & restaurants, travel, real estate, sports & recreation, health & fitness, media & entertainment, and many others.

As stated by the Worldpay’s Global Payments Reports of 2018, e-wallet transaction tops the e-Commerce payments with 36% of sharing, and it will grow further with 47% of sharing by 2022. Also in 2018, 16% of global POS payments were made through eWallets and by 2022, it will reach to 28%. That will make it the second most used method for Point of Sale transactions.


Essential Components of eWallet Mobile Apps

For any small, medium, or large business looking to advance their mobile payment approach at their point of sale, the right mobile strategy will help them tailor purchase experience. It would eventually help increase transaction speed, integrate loyalty, and offer rewards in the process.


If you want to enter this league and develop an e-wallet app, we can help! Develop your e Wallet Solution with the listed essential features.

Admin Module

Portability & Integration

The integration of manifold debit & credit cards (as virtual cards) along with bank accounts to apps for wearable device helps to conduct a seamless financial transaction.

Data Synchronization & Backup

Data management is an essential component to enable successful engagement. Offering an auto-backup mechanism to enable users to restore their settings and data based on an earlier saved backup.

Cloud Operations

The data is stored on and is processed from Cloud, making the transactions highly secured, fast, and reliable. We make the best use of cloud computing to enable your eWallet app with advanced features.


It helps create a one-time code for the user’s credit/debit card for the specific transaction. It hides the actual credit/debit card number from the merchant and thus improves eWallet security.

POS Integration

The integration capability of mobile wallet app with POS systems helps widen the use of e-wallets even for brick and mortar stores. Read how we helped US-based large apparel store with reducing their transactional costs and maximize profitability by replacing their existing POS system for the physical store with a custom solution.

User Module

Easy Categorization

The simplified classification and grouping of different transactions and cards make the online payment wallets more appealing & pleasant. It further helps the users to sort the cards as per different categories.

Digital Acknowledgement

Digital receipts help them with tracking every transaction by generating and send a digital receipt on the phone number, email & within the app.

Wearable Integration

Connect your app to wearable devices like Smartwatch and let your users make payments or transfer funds from their wearable gadgets. The boom in wearable gear industry opens new doors of opportunities for this feature.


The faster checkouts with payment apps are enabled by just tapping the name of the recipient. It is made possible with the help of geo-location and GPS technology.

Offers And Discounts

To increase user satisfaction, the attractive cashback with eWallet app help boost the shopping experience. The special discounts on products help seamlessly connect with appealing and attracting old & new customers.

Multi-Language Support

The inclusion of various languages or the native language of target market user offers convenience to users to enjoy the app services and offers.

Looking For eWallet Solution?

We can help you develop custom robust eWallet software for your organization

In addition to the listed eWallet app features, here are some of the other synergies that make us stand-out as an IT solution provider.


  1. Agile development process to always deliver a better app version with appealing interface & impeccable functionality.
  2. Offer development of native e-wallet mobile apps for Android & iOS as well as cross-platform solutions through Xamarin and other development platforms.
  3. Dedicated development teams for projects.
  4. Expert integration experience of widely used functions like NFC, QR/optical codes, and OTP based transactions for secure payments.
  5. Leverage our Data Analytics practice to benefit from accurate business foresight, real-time reporting, combined with a 24×7 customer service.

To Conclude

E-wallets have undoubtedly revolutionized the market. Also, while online and mobile banking has been around for a long time, eWallet technology has made it even easier and faster to transact both – online and offline. Therefore, wallet service providers will continue to stay in the market for long, and they will have to keep innovating and changing their business model. To win the competition, Rishabh Software is at the forefront to help you to convert your eWallet solutions into a profitable business. We provide on-demand enterprise-grade customized eWallet app development solution for Android, iOS, and cross-platform devices. So, if you still are unsure and have overcast of questions, don’t hesitate as we are here to clear the clutter for you.

Exploring eWallet App Development?

Our team can help create feature-rich and secure eWallet Application for Android, iPhone & Wearable Devices