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Why CI/CD Automation Testing is the Need of the Hour?

Today's companies need to bring innovation and speed in their software development life cycle to meet consumers' growing demand. A Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) test automation approach can help here. A DevOps based testing and implementation culture helps shorten software testing duration and ensure faster delivery of quality products.

Leverage Our Test Consultancy Framework [Infographic]

Enterprises of today are trying to keep up with the complex business demands while they are delivering quality in software products. With a restricted time-to-market cycle, they want the products to be efficient, reliable and capable of supporting complex composite business processes ensured by a decentralized testing practice.

Business Process Test Automation Solution

Business Process Testing (BPT) helps businesses to streamline their processes with practical problem-solving methodologies while creating software or applications. It enables quick turn-around for application releases.

Performance Testing To Application Performance Engineering – Why Move?

Organizations adopt performance testing strategies to ensure app reliability, speed, and stability with every new release. However, this approach poses challenges.

Cross Browser Testing Using Selenium Webdriver For Retail Industry [CASE STUDY]

QA software testing services ensure that the eCommerce business stays competitive across platforms. In a typical scenario, any mistake regardless of how simple it may seem, for example – slow loading of the page, and more may cost businesses their customers, which may result in losses, eventually.

Agile Test Automation For Real Estate Sector [CASE STUDY]

Real estate is a diversified business. Apart from buying, selling, and renting properties, it embraces interactions among the property owner, realtor, and customer. However, as real estate companies handle a large amount of data, it becomes challenging for them to deliver high-end services.

Performance Testing With UFT & LoadRunner For Oil & Gas Industry [CASE STUDY]

The global oil & gas industry over the past several years has witnessed more significant opportunities amidst challenges. It is across a prolonged run of high and growing rig counts, mega-capital-expenditure projects, and more.

Entry And Exit Criteria In Software Testing

Software testing plays a crucial role while building software products. It helps meet the business and technical requirements to achieve the anticipated outcomes. Read on as the article lists down the entry and exit criteria for software testing.

The Top Mobile App Testing Best Practices You Should Know

Mobile application testing helps mitigate challenges arising out of the considerable variations in devices, OS and even user skills. It becomes imperative for the apps that comprise better video & audio capabilities with hand gesture applications.

Kudos To Our Quality Assurance Team For Getting Shortlisted At The Testing Leadership Award

Vadodara, India – Nov 30, 2018– Rishabh Software, a leading enterprise solutions provider will participate this year at Software Testing Conference (STC) 2018 in Bangalore, India. In its 18th edition, STC 2018 is scheduled for December 06 & 07, 2018.

Rishabh Software Hosts BugATAhon 2016

BugATAhon is an international crowd testing competition, challenging the testing skills of software professionals wherein Live applications are tested either individually or by teams in 2 hours flat.

Software Testing in 2013 – Its Benefits

Software testing has many benefits. In order to ensure that the application works as its intended to, there are several software testing procedures that need to implemented before deployment. We’ll be discussing the benefits of these software testing procedures below.

Things to Consider While Testing a Mobile Application

There are many theories and myths about mobile application testing. We had discussed some of the prevailing myths about mobile application testing in a post earlier. In this post, we will be discussing the best practices for mobile application testing. The first thing to remember is that mobile application testing is as important as any software testing but is different than it in a number of ways.