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Automation Testing for Chemical eCommerce Web Application [Case Study]

Learn how we enabled a US-based B2B eCommerce store supplying chemical products to conduct business online confidently by putting together a robust QA & Testing framework.

QA Automation For Clinical Process Management System [Case Study]

Learn how we helped a US-based B2B medical services provider with test automation for their clinic management software.

Software Functional Testing to Ensure Optimum Software Delivery

For businesses looking to leverage functional testing services for faster software releases, this blog would offer detailed insights into how it’s done effectively, industry best practices, Rishabh’s approach & more.

Big Data Testing: Types, Tools, Challenges & Use Cases

Big data testing is referred to as the process of performing data QA. It could be related to database, infrastructure & performance & functional testing. Through this article, we’ll help you understand the types, tools, and terminologies associated with big data testing.

Leverage Our Software Testing Governance Framework

Quality assurance is an integral component that ensures business reputation and business growth for any organization. In an average software development lifecycle, while there are several phases, wherein bugs and defects can cause disruption, a quality governance framework is necessary for preventing the quality issues at any point.

Benefits Of Automation Testing For Businesses

From the launch of the first-ever mobile arcade games to modern-day feature-rich web apps, the complexities of software development have quadrupled at a rapid pace! Plus, with emerging technologies, rising competition & ever-increasing consumer demands, delivering top software quality at a competitive price with speedy delivery has become a strategic imperative for business success.

Software Performance Testing: All You Need To Know

As today’s, digital-age world heavily relies on software and computer systems, performance downtime can have a lasting, negative impact on the end customers. Remember Amazon’s one hour of downtime on its biggest Prime Day? Just an hour of performance issues cost the eCommerce giant a whopping loss in sales between $72 million and 99 million dollars.

Service-oriented Architecture Testing: All You Need to Know

To serve the changing business demands better Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA acts as the backbone for any enterprise-grade system.

Build Confidence in Your Deployment with Automation Testing in CI/CD Pipeline

Today, software development processes have become more agile. What matters now is a quicker time to release made possible with DevOps. Testing is a critical component of all the release cycles today. And, the integration of automated testing. It entails the transformation of almost everything from building a culture to providing workflow efficiency with the right testing focus and processes to tools & technologies.

How to Apply AI in Software Testing?

One of the most exciting areas in testing and quality assurance (QA) at present is the potential influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Imagine, what if the software could learn to do all the testing itself? What if it could automatically track down and weed out bugs?

Mobile App Testing: All You Need To Know

The mobile application market is flooded with millions of apps. From ordering food, gaming, social networking, bill payments, travel bookings, audio & video recording to shopping online, there is an app to serve almost every purpose.

Leverage Our Test Consultancy Framework [Infographic]

Enterprises of today are trying to keep up with the complex business demands while they are delivering quality in software products. With a restricted time-to-market cycle, they want the products to be efficient, reliable and capable of supporting complex composite business processes ensured by a decentralized testing practice.

Business Process Test Automation Solution

Business Process Testing (BPT) helps businesses to streamline their processes with practical problem-solving methodologies while creating software or applications. It enables quick turn-around for application releases.