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EMR Mobile App Development For 360° Patient Care

09 Jul 2019

Uncover how Rishabh Software offers custom EMR App Development Solutions with features that enable medical professionals to maximize clinical productivity, and stay connected with patients to provide excellent patient care.

Mobile health applications offer better patient engagements and efficient control for management processes. They empower the doctors, staff, and patients to connect seamlessly through a mobile platform. As a result, the users have convenient access to their medical records with a significant reduction in search time & efforts. However, it becomes challenging for establishments to develop a fully functional, interactive, and sustainable electronic health records apps for smartphones.


With proficient EMR mobile app development team at Rishabh Software, you can now address this challenge. We, partner, to help them address the current and future needs for both the healthcare providers & app users. Read on to learn how we help medical practices improve clinical efficiency & provide better patient care through tailored healthcare applications.”


Though, Why Should Healthcare Corporations Focus On EMR Mobile Apps?

Healthcare mobile apps offer quick access to medical records, clinical tools, and other resources. They are becoming excellent care options to facilitate convenient healthcare services while reducing costs.

Essentials Of EHR/EMR App Development With Rishabh Software

We build healthcare applications for both Android and iOS platforms. They assist Health Care Professionals (HCP) to manage effective connect with the patients and provide better care.


Here is an overview of the core modules of healthcare solution developed by our team. We integrate the essential elements of the EMR mobile app. It enables healthcare establishments with a holistic view of their operations.


Also, check the below critical portals of our EMR health mobile app solution.

Doctor Portal Staff Portal Patient Portal
Login Registration/Login Registration/Login
User profile User profile User profile
List of patients & staff List of patients, Clinic information Clinic information
Access to EMR/EHR Access to EMR/EHR Access to EMR/EHR
Appointment management Schedule appointment Book an appointment
Staff/Patient communication module Doctor/Patient communication module Doctor/Staff communication module
Lab results & other reports Lab results & other reports Lab results & other reports
Write prescriptions Prescription management Medical calculator
Clinic management Billing module Payment module
Medical references Get receipt
Add/remove features & access
Share medical data


Here is an excerpt of how we helped a leading medical institution in the US to build a custom EMR software. It enabled them to streamline their work processes & improve patient care.

Build A Robust Mobile EMR App

We empower clinicians to provide the best patient experience.

As part of this, let’s discuss some of the few integrations from our EMR/EHR app development focus.


  • EMR
    Role-based access enables users to the electronic medical/health records saved in the system database. For example, patients can only access their medical history. And, the doctors can analyze the records of their indoor and direct patients.
  • E-prescription
    Doctors can generate e-prescriptions from mobile devices & patient can get it directly on their smartphones. It helps save precious clinical time and provide quick treatments.
  • Monitoring
    It allows the doctors to track the medical data/records of their patients. It includes control of heart rate, glucose level, blood pressure, food intake, and more. Further, this supports addressing quick & accurate treatment planning.
  • Scheduling
    Users can book, track & manage appointments through their portals easily. Doctors/staff can schedule activities like sleeping time, diet, water consumption & calorie burning target, and more. Push alerts will further remind the patients and doctors of the upcoming schedules.
  • Clinic Management
    Admin/Doctors can easily manage the inventory input about drug information, medical services, and other clinical supplies in the institution. It helps to create an efficient workflow with a reduction in time & costs.
  • Interoperability
    Our advanced electronic health records app for Android and iOS adhere to global industry standards. So, it will be easy to share data within the company or with outside providers while keeping the app secure. Moreover, it assists in providing positive patient experience.
  • Multi-payment Option
    The healthcare transactions are made comfortable, faster, and reliable with the payment module integration. Patients can pay bills for online consultations, visits, hospital admissions, tests, and more with a few clicks.


There is a high demand to deliver secure, effective, and user-friendly healthcare solutions. And, the boom in electronic health records apps for smartphones enable medical practitioners to provide safe, effective, and user-friendly services. Rishabh Software is a pioneer in offering personalized mobile app development solutions. We build on-demand EMR-EHR mobile applications for medical professionals and established health organizations. In this way, we help streamline the current management process and provide better patient care through a portable medium.

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