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Microsoft SharePoint For Healthcare System

05 Jul 2019

Healthcare is one of the most complex business sectors in the world that deals with an enormous amount of information. It includes patient info, staff details, financial sheets, and other medical data. As part of this, Microsoft SharePoint has emerged as the most promising solution for several medical practices. SharePoint in healthcare offers better patient care and streamlines the entire organizational process.


Read on to learn how we help optimize the healthcare business processes and offer patient-centered care while lowering their operational costs by developing custom SharePoint healthcare solutions.


How Rishabh Software Helps Healthcare Industry With Microsoft SharePoint?

Rishabh Software has the required proficiency in developing custom SharePoint healthcare solutions. We help transform the organizational functionality in a streamlined fashion.


To start with, here are the core modules we develop as part of our SharePoint healthcare development approach.

Admin Module Staff Module Patient Module
Registration/Login Login/Registration Login/Registration
Appointment Details Patient Inquiry Inquiry Forms
Patient History Packages Information Appointment Details
Clinic Management Appointment Details Packages Information
Patient Care Management Patient Care Management Receipts
Staff Management Clinic Management
Settings Settings
Custom Search Custom Search
Reports Reports

Apart from this, our development team can also integrate the below modules for the SharePoint healthcare system:

  • Laboratory Information Module
  • Ward/Bed Management Module
  • Human Resource Module
  • Payment Module
  • Pharmacy Information Module
  • Helpdesk Module


While we are at it, let’s discuss the essentials of our SharePoint solutions for the healthcare sector.

  1. Different Use Cases
    Our single SharePoint healthcare platform helps address various use cases across the organizations. It includes Intranet, Extranet, Document Management Systems (DMS), Policy management solutions, and more. It eventually improves patient safety and provides excellent productivity.
  2. Fully Customizable Design
    Our team customizes modules as per the business needs. Whether it is a technical or commercial requirement, we offer modular design for all. Moreover, we even assist in adding, removing, and upgrading modules anytime.
  3. Automated Platform
    Admins and staff will get access based automation rights for daily tasks. It includes appointment management, patient feedback surveys, with reminders for medicine, billing, and more. It enables users to focus on other essential responsibilities.
  4. Streamlined Documentation
    The solution allows for convenient creation, management, and access to multiple document types, making it easier for the staff to collaborate and share documents. As a result, the doctor, staff, and patient will get a streamlined document management system.
  5. Multi-channel Support
    Our SharePoint healthcare solutions work effectively across the web, mobile app, email, SMS, API, and other mediums. It helps the patients and staff to connect with the system from their preferred channel.
  6. Seamless Integration
    We provide a smooth amalgamation of customer system with your current IT environment and other IoT applications without any hassle.
  7. Business Intelligence Reporting
    Intelligent insights help our customers to make timely, quicker, and accurate decisions. We help leverage the inbuilt BI reporting tool to improve productivity and patient experience.
  8. Scalable Solution
    We develop accessible systems by leveraging SharePoint healthcare solutions that fit naturally to the business needs of all sized organizations.

Leverage SharePoint In Healthcare

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What To Expect When You Choose Rishabh Software For Healthcare Solution?

We have over ten years of experience with custom SharePoint application development. We provide the most engaging & user-friendly healthcare system with our SharePoint Development experience.

Learn how we helped a leading eye health products supplier from the USA to develop a centralized SharePoint Portal Solution that assists them to gain better visibility among regional sales & marketing teams spanning in more than 100 countries.


Microsoft SharePoint helps streamline patient communication, collaboration, and document management processes. As a SharePoint portal development services company, we help develop collaborative solutions that are well suited for a healthcare organization. Our created SharePoint healthcare solutions adhere to strict industry standards and compliance. Thanks to our certified and experienced development team who are in-sync with the latest practice of SharePoint in healthcare and have the vision to develop the next generation solutions.

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