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GPS-based Fleet Management Solution For Transport Business

15 Jul 2015

Fleet Management Software is primarily utilized by organizations offering services in travel, logistics, and supply chain. With the advancements in geo-location technology that enable tracking of vehicles through GPS, developing a transport software for managing fleet has been made possible. This system helps improve business efficiency by monitoring and managing vehicles constantly on the go.

Open Source Web based Fleet Management Solution for Travel, Logistics & Supply Chain

The transport fleet management software acts as a central control system that integrates operations, helps regulate the entire vehicle fleet, servicing department, ticketing, and real-time monitoring of individual vehicles. The fleet vehicle management system ensures continuous operation of taxi, trucks and other vehicles by using GPS satellite navigation, CAN FMS and GPRS/UMTS communications.


Enterprise Benefits of Fleet Management Software:

  1. Forecasting the cost of maintaining each vehicle to budget expenses
  2. Determining which vehicles are costly and which are worthwhile investments
  3. Maintain uniformity in quality of services delivered
  4. Optimal usage of vehicles and fleet scheduling


Our Web-based Fleet Management Open Source Solution helps decision makers monitor their vehicles in real time. It helps reduce operational costs while giving better visibility to the top management to take improved business decisions.

Looking For Vehicle Management Solution?

We can help you build custom robust vehicle fleet management software as per your requirement


Transport Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management System Features

  1. Real-time Location Notification of Vehicle
  2. Fleet Analytics
  3. Vehicle Status – Service and Maintenance
  4. Driver Safety Monitoring
  5. Fuel & Expense Tracking
  6. Fleet Audit & Utilization


Fleet Management is a part of our Cab Reservation & Management Framework which offers basic building blocks for creating a customized solution. The framework contains customized plug-n-play modules including fleet management, booking engine, payment management, and user management. It also offers an administration interface where the cab/travel company can manage the operations, and deliver better customer services. The solution is cloud-based, built on Open Source supported backend and mobile-ready driver and passenger apps.


Are you looking to better manage your fleet vehicles and improve business efficiency?

Need Fleet Management Software Solution

Need Fleet Management Software Solution

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