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Fleet Management Software Development

24 May 2021

The fleet management industry today is fast changing with self-driven vehicles, low-emission fuels, and the AI-driven facilitating automated vehicle management, refueling & routine maintenance. And, keeping up with the latest in technology and knowing what will come next is imperative for business success.

The new-age tools help fleet managers to gain real-time visibility into their operations while improving maintenance. They further help increase driver satisfaction and support in decreasing fuel usage through accurate reporting & predictive analytics.

And, to select the right solution it is important to analyze some key pointers according to business dynamics. With this article, we walk you through the key areas of fleet management and how the top-notch ideas can be converted to the creation of a robust and reliable system that drives success!

Table of Contents:

  • What is Fleet Management Software?
  • How Fleet Management Software Can Help Owners & Service Providers?
  • Types of Fleet Management Solutions
  • How Digitalized Fleet Management Can Help?
  • Features & Benefits of Fleet Management System
  • Must-have Fleet Management Software Modules
  • Factors of Consideration for Fleet Management Software Solution

What is Fleet Management Software?

A cloud-based system or a standalone app suitable for organizations from travel, logistics, supply chains ensuring and the best possible control/view of commercial vehicles from a centralized dashboard.

It leverages data analytics & GPS to generate intelligent insights that enable managers to save time, resources, money, and manpower. The vehicle management component helps monitor vehicles and assets in real-time to optimize vehicle maintenance, driver safety, route planning, compliance, fuel consumption, and more. It ensures the best possible use of their commercial vehicles from a centralized dashboard.

For companies that manage & maintain commercial vehicles and want to keep all their assets working at peak efficiency, it is worth investing in fleet management software development.

Research suggests 75% of fleet managers rely on fleet management software or vehicle telematics to help support their day-to-day operations

Now let’s check out who can make the most of this powerful system!

How Custom Fleet Management Software Can Help Owners & Service Providers

1. Aviation Companies

  • Fault detection & prediction
  • Maintenance planning
  • Operative & strategic decision-making
  • Life-cycle analysis

2. Shipping & Marine Companies

  • Prevent accidents & enhances safety
  • Optimize fuel efficiency
  • Resource management & planning
  • Take corrective action on time

3. Corporate Fleet Businesses

  • Asset tracking and maintenance
  • Prevent downtime
  • Extend equipment lifetime
  • Improve risk management

4. Transportation & Logistics Companies

  • Benchmarking & timely maintenance
  • Implement industry best practices
  • Prevent the breakdown of forklift trucks
  • Optimum resource allocation & utilization

So, if you are an owner of a convoy fleet of vehicles and want to integrate the best software solution into your business, then it’s important to learn about the different types of vehicle management solutions.

Types of Fleet Management Solutions

1. Fleet Management Software with GPS Tracking
Custom fleet management software can be designed to locate, monitor, and manage your vehicles. It integrates interactive maps that keep you on top of the route for efficient resource management. With an advanced GPS tracking facility, managers can find and allocate drivers quickly, share ETAs with customers instantly, review trip histories in real-time, and set geofences with push notifications!

2. Fleet Management with Video Capabilities
A solution that offers cloud-connected video ensures continuous engagement with what’s happening on the road. Certain video devices can also record, and parse incidents based on the trigger events such as over-speeding or accidents. Further, it can also help boost performance and cut costs by:

  • Verifying incidents in real-time
  • Generating reliable evidence against false claims and saving money in legal fees
  • Combining the accuracy of machine vision with artificial intelligence to highlight instances of risky driving behaviors when coaching drivers.

Video telematics has become a must-have feature today with advanced vehicle management systems.

3. Fleet Fuel & Speed Management
Do you know how much you spend on fuel every month? Is there a way to be more fuel-efficient? Fuel consumption can be controlled more than your maintenance charges. A custom fuel management system enables the creation of accurate reports on fuel consumption trends and driver’s performance. Its centralized dashboard supports automate notifications to drivers for correcting behaviors that lead to inefficient fuel usage and reward drivers who exhibit safe and fuel-efficient driving skills.

How Digitalized Fleet Management Can Help?

Challenges you can Solve with Digitalized Fleet Management

Features & Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Investing in fleet management system development can bring several advantages to your business:

Fleet Management System Features Fleet Management Software Benefits
Live GPS Tracking 1) Tracks the exact location of vehicles in real-time and offers accurate and actionable insights for efficient management of vehicles and drivers.
2) Helps improve delivery time and ensure customer satisfaction.
Job Scheduling 1) Optimizes vehicle planning and driver utilization
2) Helps monitor pending tasks and maintains uniformity in the quality of service delivery.
Compliance Management 1) Ensures compliance with all applicable regulations including the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), Hours of Service (HOS) & International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).
Driver ID 1) A unique driver ID equipped with RFID tags and an integrated system helps track the driver’s performance and safety.
Analytics & Reporting 1) Constantly monitors inventory, drivers & assets remotely.
2) Insights can be used to save fuel expenses and maintenance costs by determining which vehicles are costly and which are worthwhile investments.
Fuel Management 1) Offers real-time alerts on fuel level indicator and fuel theft with detailed insights across all vehicles.
Driver Safety Monitoring 1) Enhances driver’s safety, improves vehicle performance & increases driver satisfaction and retention rate.
Fleet Data 1) Offers detailed information about your vehicles right from the driving route and fuel consumption to completed assignments and routes taken – all while enabling optimal usage of vehicles and schedule.
Maintenance Scheduling 1) Streamlines vehicle upkeep and extends its service life. Also helps with forecasting the cost of maintaining each vehicle to budget expenses.
Route History 1) Helps identify the best route to saves time and money while ensuring safety.

Seek Support For Fleet Management?

We can help you build a custom one that reduces your fuel expenses, increase your revenue & enhances customer satisfaction!

Must-have Fleet Management Software Modules

Fleet Management Software Modules
  • Telematics 
    Embedded telematics accumulate & structure performance and geospatial data from connected systems and sensors. This helps in tracking routes, fuel consumption, mileage, vehicle speed, downtime, and driving patterns. With this module, companies can avert critical problems like careless driving while cutting fuel, maintenance, and labor costs. The generated insights can then be used for planning routes, optimizing operations, and preventing accidents.
  • Vehicle Management 
    End-to-end automation of vehicle management accelerates all the on & off-road operations and enhances cross-team collaboration. From vehicle procurement to registration and delivery, all the associated workflows are monitored and alerts are triggered if potential problems or critical malfunctions are identified. This facilitates timely inspections and preventive maintenance.
  • Fuel Consumption Control 
    An integrated mobile & cloud-based application helps monitor the level of fuel from purchase to consumption. It spots anomalies and reveals patterns for every vehicle to uncover incidents of fuel misuse, ensuring compliance with applicable corporate regulations.
  • Driver Management 
    A comprehensive database of contracted and in-house drivers includes all their details including license and contractual documents. It offers a 360-degree view of their driving behavior, ensures compliance with road safety policies, tracks driver performance, and sends instant alerts in case of possible violations.
  • Dispatch Management 
    This module helps connect back-office reps and dispatch managers with drivers to facilitate job assignments. It enables informed planning and optimization of routes by ensuring real-time communication between all involved parties. Further, it supports generating relevant reports via an interactive dashboard.
  • Accident & Claim Management 
    It harnesses the power of process automation and insurance tech to streamlining everything from driver training to claim to file to risk analytics. The module helps speed up the routine workflows with risk mitigation, accident reporting, and insurance claims. This greatly minimizes disruption and downtime for faster case handling.
  • Compliance Assurance 
    It collates data about every aspect that falls under federal regulations. The system supports monitoring the adherence across all the applicable state & corporate policies. When it comes to managing and maintaining the vehicles, it enables seamless management of workflows, right from cargo handling to driving permits and more. With a template-based format, it leaves zero room for manual errors and generates precise performance reports for audits.

These modules will give you complete peace of mind and confidence to run your business smoothly from anywhere, at any time!

Factors of Consideration for Fleet Management Software Solution

Factors to Look in Fleet Management Software Solution

What You Get with Our Fleet Management Software Development Services

As a dedicated technology partner, we assist clients across the entire fleet management application development value chain – from building interactive mobile apps to integrating crucial third-party solutions.

Technology Consulting
From conceptualizing a custom enterprise solution to choosing the most appropriate technology stack to transform the business needs into technical specifications, we walk with you at every step.

End-to-End Fleet Management System Development
Rishabh’s developers leverage their unrivaled industry knowledge to create brand new web & mobile applications, integrate the best suited third-party tools, and migrate your legacy systems to the cloud.

Maintenance Support & Upgrades
We specialize in vehicle management software development that stays relevant and efficiently serves for the long haul. From adding new features as your business expands to re-engineering your existing systems for high-performance, we help build custom solutions with features and functionalities designed specifically as you need.

Have a look at our GPS location-based solutions created for enterprise clients:
Taxi Booking Dispatch Software
Cab Reservation & Management

Why Choose Rishabh

We have proficient experience with fleet management system development. It empowers vehicle owners and managers to generate mission-critical data from in-built sensors and connect them with IoT applications to track vehicle movements and driver performance in real-time.
Though beyond accurate data collection, advanced analytics focus enables the extraction of accurate and actionable insights for faster business decision making towards on-the-road adjustments and better outcomes.

Our fleet management application development process ensures scalability, security, modularity & adequate computing power to address any type of paradigm shift. Rishabh team’s prowess lies in creating systems from scratch and even support with integration and customization of popular fleet management systems and third-party systems to build an all-around truly superior solution for the business.

We empower our clients to reinvent the world of location tech and the way it runs their fleets on a unified platform. All the apps and data work cohesively to improve fleet efficiency.

Ready To Empower Your Fleet Operations?

Grow your business, streamline your workflow & enhance visibility for on & off-road operations with our custom fleet management software focus