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Custom Fleet Fuel Management Software Development

12 Jan 2021

Almost every industry today relies on data to make informed decisions. Fleet managers too, are placing their focus on newer technologies. It helps with streamlining operations, drives efficiency and improves visibility.

Rishabh Software helps enterprises to improve productivity and increase revenue with such custom solutions.

Telematics is a new technology that has made its way to fleet management. It uses data analytics to process large amounts of data. This is possible by bringing telecommunications and vehicular technologies together.

Fleet managers can record the number of trips per day and miles driven. They can also track fleet location and check driving speed in real-time. It also addresses another major concern – fuel costs. By drawing insights from data, fleet companies can identify potential issues beforehand. A fleet fuel monitoring solution makes all this possible. It helps you gain insight into accumulated fuel costs and individual transactions.

Some fleet managers have noticed better efficiency. It is through low rolling resistance tires, lighter aluminum wheels and speed limiters. But, a key factor affecting fuel expense is the driver’s behavior.

Here are the major reasons why:

  • Speeding
  • Hard acceleration and braking
  • Idling

A fleet fuel management software can put an end to these concerns. It notifies them when they cross the set speed limit or even when they apply harsh brakes. It also can help you improve fuel efficiency by reducing long route idling time.

Here’s How You Will Benefit From Custom Fleet Fuel Management Software:

  • Automate instant notifications to drivers on how to correct inefficient driving behaviors
  • Stay on top of driver’s performance with a centralized scorecard
  • Spot opportunities to reward drivers for exhibiting good driving skills

Rishabh Software helps you develop your own custom SaaS-based solution. Or if you have a fleet management application ready, we can help extend your capabilities and add functional modules.

We can build a fleet fuel management system to pair with a GPS or telematics tool and track vehicles in real-time and extract data. Additionally, we help you cut fuel spend that has a direct impact on the driver’s performance. You get end-to-end control of the fleet operations.

Want To Maximize Value Derived From Your Fleet Business?

We ensure you stay on top of fuel trends with dashboard reports on consumption

Below Are The Features Of A Custom Fleet Fuel Management Solution:

Fleet Manager Dashboard

  • Connects fleet managers to vehicle drivers
  • Monitors delivery requests and displays real-time status
  • Keeps you updated on driver’s activities & client reviews
  • Tracks current & future destinations
  • Helps driver pick smarter routes, send communication alerts & marks delivery closures
Fleet Manager Dashboard

Vehicle Tracking & Route Optimization

  • Automates real-time SMS alerts to track fleet status for customers & fleet manages
  • Reduces vehicle downtime and boosts efficiency
  • Enables driver to pick the shortest & fastest routes
  • Helps you manage multiple fleet at a reduced cost
  • Reduces ETAs to ensure exceptional customer experience

Fleet Availability & Auto Dispatch

  • Monitors fleet availability for order servicing
  • Keeps a constant track of fleet capacity
  • Facilitates advance planning to avert business loss
  • Automates dispatch to idle fleet as per route matches
  • Sends alerts to corresponding fleet driver
Fleet Operations Dashboard

Fleet Operations with Single Dashboard

  • Smart Dashboard to receive & manage fleet delivery orders
  • Tracks complete fleet order fulfillment cycle
  • Send reminders & alerts as per orders

Such comprehensive solution can help your organization boost profits, reduce delays and drive revenue.

Summing Up

With the power of data analytics, you can streamline your fleet activities. It results in better productivity, maximized profits and reduced inefficiency. No matter what your challenges are, analytics can get an in-depth understanding of your business to cut costs.

Rishabh Software develops custom fuel management systems that are unique to enterprise needs.

Optimize Fleet Fuel Consumption & Cost

We can develop a robust fleet fuel management solution that helps reduce fuel waste and improve fleet fuel efficiency.