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Top 5 Features Of Laravel 5 PHP Framework

07 Jan 2019

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks today, and is a go-to-choice for development teams. It is because of its speed, extension ability, and quick institution. As an open source web application development framework it adheres to MVC pattern. It makes web development simple with its advanced query syntax.


It enables seamless development of high-quality web applications. Laravel fulfills related development requirements of all type of businesses, be it a small firm or a large global enterprise.


This article lists some of the essential Laravel features list that enable seamless application development. Read on to learn Laravel features and what drives this PHP framework’s popularity while developing various kinds of enterprise web applications.


Features of Laravel 5:

  1. Authentication: Proper authentication is among the developer’s top concerns. It is one of the significant features of Laravel with a logical process as it not only organizes the authorization logic but also controls access to vital resources. The validation computer code cuts down the coding time, while the application reasoning feature delivers the agility necessary for creating a wide array of products: from a small-scale website to a complex software application.
  2. Artisan: It is a built-in tool for command, often deemed as one of Laravel’s best features. It allows developers to carry out repetitive manual tasks. Moreover, it even helps them develop and migrate skeleton codes and database structures. Laravel makes it quite effortless to create key MVC files via the command-line and manage assets as well as their configurations.
  3. Template Engine: Laravel framework features a built-in lightweight template that helps create fantastic layouts using dynamic content push. It provides multiple widgets to incorporate CSS and JS code along with a firm structure. These templates are innovatively designed to develop simple and complex layout by combining distinctive sections.
  4. Security: One of the advanced Laravel features is the introduction of the salted and hashed passwords. They ensure optimal safety while using the Laravel framework. What this means is that a password is never saved as plain text in the database; instead, the Bcrypt hashing algorithm is used to generate an encrypted password. Furthermore, the framework uses predefined SQL statements, thus putting an end to any scope of injection attacks. In addition to that, it also offers a way to elude user input to prevent the injection of the tag.
  5. Libraries: Object-Oriented and other pre-installed libraries are Laravel’s key features. They are not available in any other PHP framework. For example, it gets the Authentication library, which comes loaded with countless features, like Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, encryption, and password reset. Further, Laravel is divided into individual modules that support new-age PHP principles, thus enabling developers to build modular and responsive web apps.

Above are some of the most advanced and important features of Laravel development. With this version, Laravel has improvised a lot from an architectural standpoint.


To conclude, you must hire the best PHP application development company that offers a great experience of developing engaging and interactive web applications using Laravel.

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