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Location-Based Event Planning Web App For Improved Event Operations

02 Apr 2018

With the progression of technology and connectivity, event professionals and planners are not getting the right resources needed to improve their process in a real way. Planning for a perfect event is still a significant challenge faced by many event planners. Our client is a US-based startup who wanted to solve the event planning challenge by leveraging digital technologies and automation. The end goal is to streamline the event planning lifecycle and make a noticeable impact in the event planning industry.


Rishabh Software envisioned the concept and developed a location based solution for event planning using digital technologies.


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Our end customer wanted to leverage the latest technology and solve the resource puzzle by connecting with relevant event professionals and customers. With a proper automated system in place, the entire event planning process must be streamlined with the right implementation partner. Rishabh Software developed the web-based event planning software solution by connecting the planners and helping event seekers to get the right people for their event.


  • Keeping Track of the Event Planning Process
  • Time Management
  • Managing Multiple Events
  • Finding & Selecting the Right Event Professionals


Rishabh Software’s team analyzed the nuances and terminologies used in the event industry. We envisioned our customer’s vision for developing an online marketplace and location-based event planning solution. It would help end customers to hire the right event professionals and bring event ideas to life. The current system used for planning of events was outdated and needed to be modernized using digital technologies. We leveraged Amazon Web Services, Stripe Payments, Google API, WordPress, PHP, and developed the online event management solution as ‘first-of-its-kind type,’ the customer wanted a proof-of-concept (POC) to test its effectiveness. After the success of POC, we developed the location-based event planning web app solution and implemented event workflows to automate the process.


Currently, the event planner web application is helping 600,000+ event professionals, and have simplified the event planning process to discover inspiring ideas, get step-by-step advice, and hire the right event professionals. For brands, the location-based event planning platform works like an online marketplace to market their products and services more efficiently and increase sales on their existing commerce sites and marketing channels.


Our online event planning solution provides significant value to online and brick and mortar retailers looking to compete more effectively with Amazon and offer solutions to consumers with an added benefit beyond just the product itself. We also delivered innovative reports that provide insights and data to brands creating a more targeted, personalized shopping experience.

Business Benefits

  • Complete Control of Event Planning
  • Improved Event Operations
  • Simplified Event Planning Process
  • Eliminates the Communication Gap with automatic workflows
  • Cost savings

Industry Segment

Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile

US-based startup company

Technology and Tools

  • AWS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Apache

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