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Location-Based App Development

Rishabh is a pioneer in the mobile app development space that can help you dominate the mobility landscape with a host of navigation and geo-location-based mobile apps.

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GPS App Development that Accelerates Client Service, Innovates Marketing Strategies and Transforms Your Business

Rishabh’s development expertise helps you get finest location-based solutions with highly-reliable GPS tracking modules including driving estimations, dynamic condition filtering, yielding best customer experience.

Rishabh focuses on technology-first location-based application development for small and medium enterprises to enhance their industry-specific experience.

We build innovative mobile apps that are instantly deployable for navigation & search, weather, field services, asset-tracking, proximity-based marketing, geofencing services, and more. Our beacon-compatible mobile applications deliver engaging UX for indoor-outdoor locations while enhancing existing business processes, productivity, and revenues.


Industry Solutions

Rishabh’s location-based applications help local businesses and providers flourish by improving discoverability by instantly providing customers in-depth information about their business. Our customized solutions also enrich business value with GPS-based analytics data.



Rishabh’s geolocation app development excellence has changed the face of fast-paced omnichannel retail to render better customer satisfaction through mobile touchpoints.

  • Mobile Shopping Solution

We’re the experts in designing, developing, testing, and deploying e-Commerce-native mobile store applications for user management, product listing, and search with shopping cart and payment integration. Know More

  • GPS-based Coupon Application

The digital coupons app offers custom views, navigation control, and app sync functions to personalize customer experiences, streamline sales, and improve customer loyalty. Know More

Travel & Logistics

Travel & Logistics

Rishabh’s expertise in location-based services application building helps Travel & Logistics companies grow multi-dimensionally by leveraging automatic positioning & digitalized turn-by-turn navigation technologies.

  • Cab Booking Application

We offer cab dispatch and management solutions that rely on real-time location data intelligence to streamline bookings, invoicing, and payments management on-the-go. Know More

  • GPS-based Fleet Management Solution

Rishabh’s exceptional GPS application development has helped travel, logistics, and supply chain businesses augment safety, reliability, and efficiency for their vehicles on-the-go. Know More



Our location based mobile app development improves patient care quality and accessibility while helping healthcare organizations with demographics-based on-demand staffing and branding.

  • Recruitment Mobile App with Geo-based Search

Healthcare organizations can view profiles, connect with professionals instantly, and manage temporary job postings by leveraging local listings through Rishabh’s location-based healthcare apps. Know More

  • Proximity-based Carer Finding Platform

The solution enables older adults to apply for caregivers in their area for health-based homecare services with features like level/type of care required, selection of carer, e-agreement, and more. Know More

Other Solutions

Other Solutions

Rishabh’s strength in GPS mobile app development has been instrumental in helping diverse industries deliver best customer results through advanced satellite guidance system.

  • School Search App

Rishabh’s innovative location-based technology picks the top schools in a locality and pulls up detailed background information using an intelligence-driven school finder engine. Know More

  • Smart Advertising App

Our homegrown location-based mobile advertisement solution amplifies audience engagement on social channels, helps build brand awareness and establish higher customer footfall through proactive marketing. Know More

Increase your reach by leveraging exceptional location based mobile application development services.


Rishabh provides unrivalled location-based applications that deliver consistent performance

Rishabh has pioneered integrating powerful geolocation technology with sophisticated business intelligence and agile mobile apps to create exceptional solutions across industries.

Strong Technology Expertise
Strong Technology Expertise
Rishabh’s expertise in new-generation technologies for GPS-based navigation, positioning, orientation, and motion capture helps generate highly-available and accurate georeferencing, geocoding, and geotagging data for autonomous device location support.
Agile & Transparent Approach
Agile & Transparent Approach
We spin our geolocation app development services and data utilization around a transparent engagement model and an agile project workflow to deliver functional, and secure custom solutions.
Large Range of Industries
Large Range of Industries
We cater to a gamut of industries with location-based apps for content delivery localization, targeted advertising, fraud prevention, real-time incident management, business discovery, network traffic analysis, etc.
Data Security
Data Security
Rishabh incorporates data security checkpoints, monitoring mechanisms, passive user activity collection, IMEI-tracking, and intelligent reporting to evaluate security vulnerabilities at various geolocational user touchpoints and ensure privacy standards compliance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I wish to develop a location-based product delivery application, but how does it work?

    The application uses location-determining technologies such as GPS, Cell ID, Wi-Fi, Geofencing, iBeacon, Eddystone, and more to serve a specific purpose. It enables performing location sharing, distance measurement, build routes, and more. Some of the most commonly known apps include Uber (taxi booking service), Google Maps (location tracking app), Tinder (dating app), Zomato (food delivery app).

    I wish to develop an online cab booking application, which technology would you recommend?

    For an online cab booking application, GPS technology should be preferred. GPS helps us to determine the location with precision down to 15 meters/49 feet by leveraging geo-positioned satellites.

    What is the tech-stack you use to develop a location-based application?

    Our engineers are well-versed with various technologies across platforms to provide you with a seamless app experience.  For web application development, we use the HTML5 Geolocation API. For iOS app development, we leverage Google Maps API, Core Location API, Google Maps SDK, Apple MapKit, and Google Places API. Our Android developer uses Android.location package, Google Location Services API, Google Maps API, Google Maps Directions API, Google Distance Matrix API, MapView class, Yandex Maps, Open Street Map, and Mapbox.