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SharePoint Human Resources Management System

18 Oct 2019

Human Resources function across industries has evolved. It manages a wide variety of initiatives, from recruitment to employee welfare, with training, benefits and strategic planning to support the organization at large.


However, technology transformation, among other changes in the business ecosystem poses challenges for HR professionals.


A SharePoint human resources management system can help them to overcome constraints in a streamlined way. Read on to learn how Rishabh Software builds SharePoint-based robust HR systems that support organizations to manage their HR processes and improve ROI effectively.


How Our Custom SharePoint HR Solutions Strengthen Business Operations

Rishabh Software offers Microsoft SharePoint based HR solutions for small to medium businesses and large enterprises. Our custom solutions focus on two core areas:

  1. SharePoint HR Portal
    It helps HR professionals to manage recruitment, performance tracking, training, attendance and time tracking, benefits & recognitions, and more.
  2. SharePoint Employee Portal
    A self-service portal that caters to the requirements of employee groups. It helps them to track their attendance, leaves, HR policies, and other records in real-time.


Towards that, let’s look at some of the advanced capabilities of SharePoint HR applications that assist both the HR teams and other employees within an organization.

Core Modules

Recruitment and Onboarding/Offboarding


The module supports HR team members to manage various recruitment and employee onboarding and offboarding initiatives. It covers:

  • Application Database: HR can create an application database directly in SharePoint or as a central vacancy database. It would make the resume search easier.
  • Task Tracking: Easy monitoring of tasks created by IT, HR, or other departments. For instance, the IT department can track the job that includes computer setup, email account creation, and access to company-related apps for new employees.
  • Process Monitoring: Real-time dashboards will help new hires and HR both to track the onboarding progress.
  • Email Automation: HR can automate particular types of emails. That may include interview invitation, welcome email, birthday cards, and more.
  • Knowledge Base: It comprises of company policies, training material, e-forms, organizational chart, and more.

Employee and Content Management


This module will help to manage employee-related content. It includes:

  • Document Management: It comprises employee specific information – employee contact details, employment contracts, job profile, and more, including their updated versions.
  • Employee Folder: Using SharePoint for HR management, HR staff can exchange and store relevant documents with employees and their respective managers. Employees can access all their relevant information in this section.
  • Workflow Management: HR can create workflows for confirmed candidates using the inbuilt tools of SharePoint.
  • Payroll: Employees can track salary records and download salary slips. Also, HR and management teams can upload salary slips and monitor & approve salary changes.
  • Attendance: HR teams and employees can track daily attendance and in/out records. Further, the employees can justify their time for short work hours or can even raise punch requests. HR can approve these requests after confirming with the system database.
  • Leaves: Employees can view/apply leaves. A calendar reflects on the past leaves availed as per the records. The leave approval requests get routed to their managers. HR can keep track of all the employee leaves.

Performance Management

This module of the SharePoint HR portal will help to keep track of employee performance. Its various facets include:

  • Indicators: Managers, along with HR can set and monitor performance indicators of employees. It will help them to evaluate the overall success of the respective department and even the organization.
  • Reviews: Managers provide feedback on the team member’s performance and track it within the SharePoint system for further action.
  • Goal Setting: HR or managers can set task-related goals for the employees. It is possible to track the task progress in real-time.
  • Certificates: Employees certificate documents for successful training completion and other recognitions. Admin can set automatic reminders for renewals if necessary.

Policy Management

This module of a SharePoint human resources portal helps both HR and employees to track of updated policies and procedures. It covers:

  • Dashboard: It offers an overview of the expired and active policies, certificates, and more.
  • Database: HR can update and store various policies, procedures, and associated regulations in multiple file-formats.
  • Training & Acknowledgement: SharePoint helps to arrange various forms for training directly from the system, including audio, video, and graphics. Employees can confirm from here that they have undergone the required training procedure.
  • Notifications & Alerts: HR can set automatic alerts for the upcoming training sessions, updates on company policies, and other activities. Users will get reminders through email or from their synchronized calendars.


Ticketing Management
It helps the employees to raise a request or query for anything related to their job or company. That may include travel arrangements, holiday bonuses, job-related documents or certificates, medical insurance, and more. HR teams can issue tickets to these requests and manage them accordingly.


Reporting Module
The HR team and other employees will get role-based access to this module. They can generate, store, and download reports for various aspects such as performance reviews, salaries, sales, leaves, attendance, and more.

Get Customized & Collaborative HR Solutions

We build HR management systems that streamline business operations and increase ROI


A centralized system helps manage all the company related rules & regulations and other records in one place that is easily accessible for employees. And SharePoint is the right platform to create an easy to use, scalable and engaging HR application.


Rishabh Software has the required proficiency in offering tailored SharePoint HR solutions that are in-line with the organization’s culture and requirements. Our certified and skilled SharePoint application development team build proficient HR management systems to ensure high user adoption.