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Telenursing Solutions Are Transforming Patients Care For Good

15 Jan 2021

As we speak, COVID-19 has 50m+ cases confirmed globally. 1m+ people are known to have lost their lives. The pandemic has obviously transformed the face of medical care. But the question is – how exactly? Telenursing with a potent combination of nursing and the potential of technology is emerging as a worthy answer.

Introduction to Telenursing

American Telenursing Association defines the solution as using telehealth technology to bring nursing care and deliver nursing practices. Bedside nursing cannot be fully replaced. But telenursing, with its virtual nurse system, is a good alternative. Here are some of the instances of how telenursing solutions are transforming the modern healthcare system:

Beyond telephone calls

Once limited to telecalling only, today, telehealth combines nursing skills with technology. This ranges from telephone triage to mobile-based health assessments and e-visits.

Led by nurses from the front, telemedicine closes the coverage gap for providers. It helps them deliver high-quality care to a diverse populace, wherever they are, 24/7.

Redefine healthcare in the modern contactless world

Healthcare is built on proof-based clinical practice and ethical standards. In a world of flux, standards of healthcare are changing too.

Contactless patient care has to be combined with the personal touch of a face-to-face experience. Patients are increasingly aware and technology savvy, and want to stay updated on their health. They are also willing to find ways to do it better.

Built on a coordinated and comprehensive strategy

From disasters to pandemics, telenursing can help reduce the impact and improve medical responses to a great extent.

Like any new solution, expectations around the future remain varied. But a plethora of healthcare providers are already seeing benefits of telenursing in patient care. Read on to find how the breakthrough can help meet the need of patients better.

Combines cost benefits for the provider with continued care for the patient

Through custom telenursing app development, healthcare specialists and patients across geographies are a click away from each other. The time, money, and effort spent in travel is saved. On the other hand, the patient is assured of a continued care through robust storage of medical records and history.

Telehealth nursing software development is easy and cost-effective to implement

Such apps are created as per the vision and needs of the healthcare provider. The solution can be hosted on the cloud, offering a high level of cost-efficiency.

Works through a range of easy applications

Telenurses are clinically validated to support patients to manage their health condition. With personalized meets, telenursing helps patients cope with their treatment and lifestyle changes. It allows the healthcare provider to offer continued care. Unlock the benefits of telenursing for yourself.

  1. Offline consultations: The solution is important for its core customization. It is critical to improve the quality of the telehealth nursing solution in terms of patient care. The right solution should be able to help patients self-monitor through different data sources. This includes wearable equipment and medical devices, and psychometric assessments.
  2. Remote patient monitoring (RMP): This patient-centered approach can help regularly monitor specific patient conditions. It uses the internet and mobile devices for close monitoring. Care providers can study a patient’s medical issues, including BP, sugar, heart rate and others. RMP also helps increase efficiency for nurses who serve patients in rural and less-populated areas.
  3. Video conferencing for live consultations: Healthcare providers should be able to provide feedback, and monitor patients remotely. Using video conferencing, telenurses speak “face-to-face” with patients. They can use it for consulting, conducting mental health evaluations, and diagnosing basic ailments.

Technology Bridges the Physical Divide with Ease

Internet technology also helps nurses read scans, watch patient videos, and review charts. This aids patients living in far-flung areas get instant access to high-quality care around the clock.

Using smartphones, patients can have apps that provide health information to make better health choices. These include calorie intake and exercise.

How Telenursing Works

A Range of Benefits to Reap

Nurses are the foundation of healthcare organizations. But providers continue to face critical talent shortages.

With high-quality telenursing software development, healthcare companies can manage costs and staffing requirements. The technology helps patients suffering from chronic illnesses require augmented consultations and services.

Nurses with enhanced skills can implement telenursing practices and increase their value as healthcare professionals. They can track patient health data without needing numerous appointments. This also reduces hospital readmissions as patients can be guided remotely.

The technology is increasingly being used in clinical areas to enhance mental health. It also plays a significant role in promoting self-care behaviors. This includes impacting nursing performances, such as the clinical, psychological, and economical aspects.

Building Robust & Custom Telehealthcare Solutions

Rishabh Software is equipped to help healthcare companies improve the quality of patient care. We leverage modern technologies to reduce costs, and increase efficiency and compliance. A custom telenursing solution easily integrates with standard healthcare systems and Rishabh can help developing such robust application.

Data can be shared with healthcare providers in real-time. Yet, there is a need to be compliant with security and privacy regulations.

In a report on telemedicine, Market Research Future (MRFR) said that markets could attain 16.8% CAGR from 2018 to 2023. The telemedicine industry valuation could go beyond USD 56,738.3 million by 2023.

Current Upward Trends in Telehealth Indicate to Cut Through Complexities

It focuses on challenges specifically faced by immobile patients or geriatric patients, or those who live in remote areas. It can help redesign healthcare practices and improve the delivery of quality care.

These solutions are designed for tomorrow and can address a high volume of users, data and analytics, bringing patients and health practitioners closer than ever. Hosted on-premise or on the cloud, they can be integrated easily.

Rishabh Software has the capabilities to build solutions comprising virtual telehealth nursing app development. Our team is ready to accelerate patient care like never before. Discover what we can do for you.

Ready to Take Your Practice to New Heights?

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