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Virtual Classroom System For Education & e-Learning Business

27 Aug 2019

Online Virtual solutions are transforming the learning and training component today for educational institutes, as well as established corporate houses.


From instant access through web or mobile platforms to robotic telepresence, the innovation in virtual classroom systems is redefining the way people teach, learn, and collaborate online.


Through this article, we aim to address how institutions and businesses can harness the elements of virtual classroom software. Besides, we will showcase Rishabh Software’s proficiency in offering custom virtual classroom solutions to help reduce the distance barrier in education and collaboration.


How Does Virtual Classroom Technology Help?


How Our Online Virtual Classroom System Work on Web and Mobile Platforms

Rishabh Software provides collaborative virtual classroom platforms, by encompassing cross-platform compatibility. It means from trainees attending live sessions using phones and tablets to instructors providing live training through computers and laptops; our virtual classroom solution supports them all.


Let’s look at how our virtual training software from a web or mobile interface enables the different users to utilize our instructor/admin and trainee module.

Web Application (Admin Panel)

Admin can schedule a live session, webinar, or can start an instant online meeting. It comprises of in-built features such as interactive whiteboard, student management, course management, and more to help with smooth administration.

Interactive Whiteboard Module

Student Management Module

Mobile Application (Attendee Panel)

Trainees and students can register themselves or join the classroom session (with a URL) through the virtual classroom system app. They can join live sessions; access recorded training, courses, and webinars. The features such as raise your hand, group chat, resource library, save transcripts, and more help them to be trained at their convenience. Further, for organizations, their employees can join meetings and discussions through this mode.

User Dashboard Module

Resource Library Module


Besides, we help implement other useful functions in the virtual classroom software, such as:

  1. E-Commerce Integration
  2. Email Templates and Theme Management
  3. Homework & Quizzes Module
  4. Multi-Language Support
  5. iCalendar Integration and More

Get A Tailor-Made Virtual Classroom Solution

We build online classroom software to create seamless collaboration between the presenter and participants

How To Engage With Us To Deploy Virtual Classroom Software?

We provide two deployment options;


We help to install and run the virtual classroom system on the organization’s premise. It comprises of developing a web portal, and mobile app, or both, depending on the engagement for the target organization.


Our virtual classroom software is secure than a publicly hosted system. It offers the flexibility to customize as per the requirements and is available with or without a license.


We build cloud-based virtual classroom applications. They are best suited for companies who frequently host live webinars, classes, and cross-organization meetings.


We can help develop a centralized dashboard, seamless screen sharing options, and cloud recording for companies to maximize their reach and engagement to a global audience.

Wrapping Up

The e-learning market today is fueled by the escalation of internet users and growing access to mobile devices. Therefore, learning flexibility, cost affordability, ease of access, and intuitive content are some of the critical elements of online classroom solutions. However, it is vital to choose the right EdTech software development partner who can combine proficiency and experience with building a sophisticated system.

Rishabh Software has the relevant experience of developing virtual classroom systems across the web and mobile-based platforms. Through this, we help educational institutes to deliver learning seamlessly for students through their mobile devices. Besides, we assist organizations in simplifying knowledge transfer and training for their employees, partners, and customers in real-time over mobile or web platforms.

Extend Virtual Engagement With Us

Rishabh Software help create customized solutions that are the right fit for your learning culture