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Features of Angular 7: An Overview Of What’s New & Better

21 Dec 2018

Angular is a leading TypeScript based open source framework for front-end application development. It has evolved with its every new version. The advantages of Angular include a handy resource for utilizing HTML templates, delivering dependency injection and assembling data services for applications.


Angular 7 is the latest version with improved application performance. It offers a long list of other significant features and benefits. Through this article, our goal is to provide you with a summary of the features of Angular 7 from this release.


Angular 7 Features:

  1. CLI prompt: With v7.0.2, the users will be able to save time with prompts for built-in features such as routing or SCSS support when running commands like ng-new, or ng-add @angular/material.
  2. Enhanced application performance: Many developers continue to include the reflect-metadata polyfill in production, even when it is required only in the development phase. One of Angular 7’s latest features is the automated removal of polyfills.ts file and inclusion as a build step when developers create the application in JIT mode.
  3. Angular compatibility compiler: It is among the core Angular 7 benefits over Angular 6. The new release gets ngcc Angular node_module compatibility compiler. It converts node_modules complied using Angular Compatibility Compiler into node_modules that have appeared and compiled with TSC compiler transformer (ngtsc). Further, compiler conversions enable legacy packages leveraged by the Ivy rendering engine.
  4. Angular material and component dev kit (CDK): Angular 7 offers visual improvements from the updated Material Design specification. Other enhancements in CDK and Angular Material include extensive lists of data, virtual scrolling, dynamic loading and unloading of parts of the DOM, and more.

    a. Virtual scrolling: Benefits of angular include loading and unloading of items from the DOM, based on the visible parts of lists. It offers a faster user interface while scrolling through the long lists.

    b. Drag and drop: Angular new feature provides an improved way to build and drop interfaces. It further provides to sort within a list, support for animations, free dragging, and transferring items between lists, along with custom drag handles placeholders and previews.

  5. Improved accessibility for selects: Inclusion of native select element within the mat-form-field enables improved availability of applications. The native select provides the performance, availability and usability advantages while mat-select offers total control for the presentation options.

To conclude, we have tried to cover why Angular 7 is an accessible solution. It incorporates technical features Angular material, virtual scrolling and many more. Further, by partnering with a proficient Angular Development Company will enable businesses to build smart and innovative web applications.

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